Tuesday, May 4, 2021


There is a very cool new website called GANCUBE alert! Stop what you are doing and head over to the GANCUBE website for some very interesting initiatives regarding technology. If you are a technology buff, this is the website for you. GANCUBE is an emerging technology enterprise. It was founded in 2014 by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, a speedcubing pioneer in China. No one knows cubes better than Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, so it only makes sense that he created the most perfect outlet for cubers worldwide. That outlet is the aforementioned GANCUBE.

We have all played with Rubik's Cubes in our lives. For most of us, they are not easy to master. Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang is surely talented in this arena. With products geared towards helping you master this intellectual sport, Mr Jiang is able to help spread the word, the excitement and the knowledge he has of cubing across the globe. Based in China, this business is able to reach the rest of the world with GANCUBE. Here you will find all different game cubes. With shapes and colors and sizes and puzzles that you never could have imagined even existed, this website is a cuber's absolute dream! Beyond the cubes themselves, this website and brand also offer accessories that are important to cubers. From timers to a stand for your cubes, you will surely have all of the necessary items needed to succeed in the cubing world!
This website serves not only as a place to purchase unique - and even customizable pieces - but it is also a great platform that promotes intelligence. It makes it "cool" to be brilliant and to gain intelligence! It's cool to be smart and this is something that should be celebrated, whether you are a cube king or queen or just smart in your own right, you should be celebrated and celebrate that fact!

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