Thursday, August 15, 2019

Teslar Watches Launch Event

Teslar technology is known to be amongst the best in the world. It's no wonder that a timepiece collection would sprout based on their technological principles and ideas. Teslar Watches launched their first collection this summer. Made in the watch capital of the world, Switzerland, each piece is more than just a watch, it is wearable wellness. A Teslar Chip embedded in   each design makes for both a great aesthetic as well as helps to shield it's wearing from electromagnetic pollution. The benefits include stabilizing your personal electromagnetic fields resulting in  less stress and protecting your body from other harmful, negative effects that today's technologies create.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Low Low

Here’s the down low on the Low Low: this is one film that speaks to many people on many different levels and is certainly not one to miss. Targeting the underserved women of the world, the film, which is set to hit theaters later this week in Los Angeles, next week in New York City and across the globe in the weeks that follow, is a captivating, raw story of young women coming of age in a community struck with poverty, drugs and alcohol. Their want for more, their hopes and dreams, their fierce and tenacious attitudes and their realizations that life outside of their community exists, brings to light an existing issue in this country. The struggles of the underprivileged and the cycles that poverty can create are brought to light. Not only are the young women featured battling the trials of high school, but they are battling stigmas that have sadly defined their community. This gritty piece expresses the urgency of breaking the cycle. An all-star cast bring the important messages and story to life in a believable and thoroughly entertaining way.  

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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Carefully crafted cocktails with the convenience of never needing to call on a bartender (or your own questionable bartending skills). Pre-made and party perfect, BTL SVC has served up six of the most iconic cocktails of all time in  one place. Beyond being packaged in gorgeous wooden boxes, each box set is comprised of glass bottles that are intricately designed, displaying a sense of timeless class and elegance.The drinks within taste just as exquisite as they look. Bring your next event or night in to the next level, enjoy BTL SVC.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dionis Skincare

"G.O.A.T." It stands for the Greatest Of All Time and it's no wonder why the beauty brand, Dionis, would create an entire collection based on the vitamins and minerals found in Goat Milk. Their Goat Milk Beauty Balm is 100% all-natural, skin nourishing balm that serves as an all-in -one product that can tame flyaway hair, highlight cheekbones, can be used as a lip balm or cuticle cream and even be applied to any dry spot to moisturize and repair. This brand definitely lives up to it's acronym. 

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Marigold Star

In the current political climate, it oftentimes feels that we are livings in  a non-inclusive world. Author Elise Primavera does her part to shed light on this subject and has created a character that always sees the best in  others. In this adorable read, which proves to be the most perfect book to transition into back-to-school mode on so many different levels, Marigold Star is chock full of fun adventures and lessons for children and adults alike.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Alex Harsley x The Sheen Center

In an ode to the East Village Community and to the photographer Alex Harsley himself, and in his 81st year no less, The Sheen Center for Thought and Culture presents "Entanglements." On view through this Sunday only, this beautiful compilation of photos that both exemplify and capture the spirit and character of a New York City neighborhood that is known for its diverse and vibrant inhabitants.  Harsley is a true, original street photographer and this exhibition proves to define and serves as a portal to a section of New York City as it evolves over the years.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Joerael Numina x Mobilize Walls

In the current political climate, the back and forth banter and negative connotations that come with so much of the news, whether it is “real” or “fake” (who really knows!?), can be downright exhausting. It is most refreshing to come across feel-good stories, outlets that promote good Samaritans doing the “right” thing, and stories where people are uniting and coming together to help one another - and for no underlying reasons except to just make the world a better place. Joerael Numina is one of those people.

A Texas born and based artist, Joerael is the founder of the Mobilize Walls, a series of murals that have, simply put, “out sm(art)ed and out scaled” President Trump’s proposed wall. The concept is quite the exact opposite of “The Wall” we have all come to know, as it is a tool for uniting rather than a means of separating.
Mr. Numina  grew up defying society, whether it be on a skateboard (which is political in itself) or through graffiti writing and his other artistic outlets. He is no stranger to pushing the boundaries. In a self-proclaimed "Texas Fashion," his art is blunt but kind, embodies a sense of humanity while still addressing serious matter. He questions the fibers of communities in which he displays his works, while inviting the community to get involved and do the same, to challenge and provide critical thinking and create awareness that goes beyond any "walls" that physically exist.

Numina cites drawing has his favorite form of expressing himself. While it is on the other end of the spectrum from mural painting, drawing is not done for the public, require precision and is between the artist and his paper. His murals and specifically this incredible project are on a much different scale both figuratively and literally. It's not something an art collector could collect, it is erected in    order to become the fabric of the place it is made and serves as a public experience that can't be hoarded by one person. It can start a conversation, whether it be from the artist to the world or to two neighbors that have never met that have decided to venture outside to explore this new fabric of their society. A wall that is far from "a wall," Joerael's Mobilize Walls are structures that prove to create a bridge to connect all those around it.

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