Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Belles & Rebelles x Wolf & Badger

Join us tomorrow at hot SoHo boutique, Wolf & Badger. Come enjoy music by DJ Rosé, ice cream by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, drinks by Right Now Wine and Drink GTS, plus styling sessions with your very own "M!"
No RSVP Required.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gear Beast

Stay active, stay stylish, stay in the loop! Gear Beast creates innovative products designed to keep your tech toys part of your active live. Durable, functional and fashionable, Gear Beasts makes sure you won't skip a beat in your day or busy life.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Planted In Beauty Skincare

With every product's ingredients derived from plants, you'll stay planted with this beauty brand. Planted in  Beauty Skincare is a newly launched beauty brand that offers luxurious, organic, non-toxic skincare products. Scientific, and based on nutritional facts, Planted in Beauty nourishes and feeds the body in  the healthiest way imaginable.  In order to stay true to their brand and to their clientele, they promise transparency.  This ensures to not only keep your mind at ease, but to promote a true sense of wellness beyond your skin for brain and body. As beauty comes from "Well Within," their collections work magic from the inside and the outside. With a full range of products, ranging from skincare to supplements, you're bound to look and feel amazing in no time. Cleansing, preserving, toning, firming, detoxing, the brand does it all.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Ellsworth Kelly x U.S. Postal Service

There’s nothing more beautiful than receiving a hand written letter. And now, with Artist Ellsworth Kelly’s postage collection, your envelopes can shine as bright as the notes inside of them. Function meets art in these gorgeous stamps. Send or save, Kelly’s most recognizable works can serve as both decoration for your home or outbound mail.

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Friday, May 31, 2019


As a collector of many things “fashion,” perhaps one of my most favorite things to collect is sunglasses. I have a countless amount of them, in every style imaginable. 
Accessories can absolutely change a look, and sunglasses can be a great accessory to wildly change the overall look.
One website that offers their own brand of sunglasses is Jupitoo.
They have a countless amount of sunnies for every one of your looks and / or moods! 
Sure, sunglasses can certainly be a style statement, but they can also be functional. It is wonderful when function and fashion can go hand in hand. Sunglasses in general can be a functional product. Aside from the fact that you can put a prescription lenses in your sunglasses, they also are important to shield the sun. This can save your eyes, of course, but also this can save you from squinting and developing wrinkles! They can save your skin and eyes! 
The Jupitoo site and brand not only offers a wonderful selection of functional sunglasses, but they also offer a great variety and amount of seeing eye glasses. Of course, glasses are wonderful to actually see, but again they can also be stylish and that special statement piece that could just be the key to changing your whole look!
Affordable prices and a vast variety are just a couple of things that make Jupitoo so special. A real one stop shopping website, they are sure to not disappoint. They offer both men’s and women’s styles. They educate you on their product right on the site too! And a wonderful feature that is a major help is the at home try on program that they offer! This electronic feature is just great to ensure you love the glasses you are choosing. Since, as we mentioned, glasses can be such a big style changer, you should definitely be able to test and try them on to make sure you achieve the style and look you desire! 
Take advantage of special deals, such as “Buy One Get One Free,” and start building your collection of glasses today!

Get Name Necklace II

Last week we touched upon the importance of accessories. We said that jewelry was a main accessory and that accessories can so easily change your overall look. One accessory website that features great jewelry is Get Name Necklace.

While we did blog about some of their offerings recently, we discovered some more great styles and pieces on this one stop shopping website. We spoke about their wonderful name plate necklaces and how they are not only trendy, but how they serve as an excellent gift to friends and loved ones. In our last article we touched upon other styles that were great for gifts and promises to lovers, too.

Now, we explored the site again and found some very noteworthy pieces to share. Again, excellent for gifts for yourself and others! Treat a friend, a family member or yourself! Infinity necklaces with an initial are just perfect for gifting! They represent the longevity of a relationship, whether it be with a friend or a loved one or a lover! Infinity is exactly what it sounds like, “To infinity and beyond,” to forever, no matter the type of relationship. Something of this nature has real meaning, and a deep meaning at that. A sense of commitment. Furthermore, design wise, these necklaces are just beautiful! It is sure to change your mood, to radiate that feeling of loving someone forever, which is an instant style pick - me - up. If you are happy you are sure to be stylish, happiness is always in style. It’s just the cherry on top that these necklaces also look cool!

This website continues on with their amazing personalized items. One products that we found to be especially cool, stylish and up to date in terms or touching up one the coolest trends, are their Name Crowns. The Personalized Name Crown Necklace Sterling Silver is yet another great gift for yourself or another. Crowns are absolutely trending. Often seen on Instagram are “King” and “Queen” emojis and verbiage. Plus with an American woman, Meghan Markle, now in the British Royal Family and Royal Baby Mania at a height, crown symbols are seemingly seen everywhere. The ability to personalize the ones on this website are definitely that extra special touch!

Overall, we found this website to again be an excellent place to shop for personalized gifts that feel personal to the recipient and show that you went that extra mile to make any gift feel personal to that person. Of course, if you are buying for yourself, these pieces go the extra mile to be exclusive to you!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New York Beach Themed Books

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, Summer has "unofficially" begun. Three gorgeous books define what a New York summer should look like. Montauk 11954 by Carissa Pelleteri displays the All-American charm of what has now become a major destination. Surf NYC by Andreea Waters is an authentic photographic journal of the lives of local surfers chasing their dreams and the unpredictable waves of the NYC beaches. Lastly, Archipelago New York by Thomas Halaczinsky follows follows the route of Adriaen Block, the first European to sail the waters surrounding the state of New York. Halaczinsky discovers the magic of the area and its little-known islands, while also reveals history of the landscape. Each photography-based hardcover will excite you for the upcoming season and pique your curiosity for the land and waters that lie just within reach of the concrete jungle of New York City.

To learn more, see more and to shop for these publications, click here.
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