Friday, November 16, 2018

Better Angels

Better Angels explores the relationship between the United States and China and takes the stance of enforcing the importance of an amicable relationship between the two. Seemingly worlds apart, the film examines the tumultuous relationship the two countries have endured, yet shows how alike the two countries are and how if and when they work together, the benefits are immense for both parties. Human interest stories are engaging and the points made are interesting. Informative and intense, Better Angles is a propagandistic documentary that will certainly get you thinking. 

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Thursday, November 15, 2018



Based on a theory of Pytho-Aromatherapy, Sentéales is a luxury skincare line from Paris that mends science and nature into one. Playing off of scientific evidence, the collection combines plant-based ingredients and essential oils to ensure complete nourishment is delivered to the skin. Every product makes for the ultimate "téa" time for your skin and soul. 

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Monday, November 12, 2018

5 Weddings

Creating a stir around the world, 5 Weddings is a film that explores Indian culture and Indian weddings. When an (half Indian) American journalist is assigned a project that requires traveling to India to review traditional wedding ceremonies, she finds herself intertwined in a world of what most people in  that part of the world deem as non-traditional. She wants to expose such components as Hijras, transgender dancers, but is faced with consequences with the government should she do so. The film, like it's main character, has been repressed and banned in many parts of the world due to the transgender subject. Still, informative, interesting and even with some humor at times, 5 Weddings is a must see love story that has you both thinking and cheering at the same time. 

5 Weddings Deputed in  theaters on October 26, 2018. To lean more, see more and to view the 5 Weddings film, click here.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Cecelia New York

Style and comfort collide in the form of Cecelia New York shoes. Founded by Ashely Cole, the daughter of an aviation entrepreneur (the man behind JetBlue and Azul Airways), the brand, which launched in  2013, is named after one of her daughters. With experience at major fashion houses, Ms Cole displays her skills in a full range collection that covers everything from sandals to heels to wedges to boots. Quality and craftsmanship are suburb. Every style reflects on current trends and embodies unparalleled comfort.  

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Japan's Freshest Art & Design Publisher

PIE International, a leading publisher from Japan, presented three of the most beautiful art-driven books of the season. 
A Victorian Flower album is a gorgeous collection of hand-drawn floral arrangements from the Victorian era. Charming and sophisticated, yet compressible and lovely to look at regardless of your age, the book breathes new life into works that were originally published over 100 years ago. Perfect for the autumn season, while representative of a summer evenings, the tone and autumnal hues throughout each page feel perfect to page through on a crisp November day.
grow: The Art of Koyamori is a vibrant and imaginative book of illustrations from the talented young Canadian artist, Koyamori. While having already established herself as a force across the social media networks, this is her very first official print publication and the artist clearly puts her skills on display. The book is an impressive and incredible collection of watercolor ink pieces are truly eye catching.
Elegance in Japanese Art is a wonderful representation of the historical style of Japanese art. As its title states, the pages are filled with elegant Edo-Period works and serves as an informative introduction to the major Japanese artistic movement known as the Rinpa School. Art and history collide in  this important cultural gem of a publication.

To learn more, see more and to shop for PIE International publications, click here.
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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Minnie Park

By Minnie Park explores the power of scent in a collection of scented products. Whether it be natural and essential oils or gorgeous candles, Minnie Park's namesake brand is proof that smell can have profound effects. From energizing to calming, Ms Park's beautifully packaged products even come in travel sizes so you can awaken your senses no matter where you're headed.

To learn more, see more and to purchase By Minnie Park products, click here.
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Friday, November 2, 2018

Letters from Masanjia

An eye opening story, "Letters from Masanjia" brings attention to the brutality that occurs in Chinese labor camps. The documentary begins with an American woman who comes upon an SOS message inside a purchase she made at Kmart. She takes it upon herself to publicize and create a mission to expose the torturous conditions endured in  the camps, where both criminals and innocent Chinese exist. Sun Yi, whom was jailed due to his religious beliefs, documents his story about the harsh reality happening within the walls of the labor camps and shares the risks he has taken to win his human rights and freedom. Informative, intense and emotional, this film is an important piece to help one understand the truths and trials of the world we all occupy in this day and age. 

To learn more, see more and to view Letters from Masanjia, click here.
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Top 6 Reasons Your E-mail Goes to Spam

Ever wonder why your e-mails might go to spam? As a business and a business-person trying to send an important e-mail to market your company or reach out to your audience, this can be extremely frustrating. Even if you don't own a business and are trying to send an e-mail but your e-mail can still go to spam. It seems to happen to all of us. Why does this happen? How can you prevent this from happening? MyEmma can help. An excellent resource for business owners, there's a plethora of information at to help you better market your products, yourselves and your companies. Starting with spam, here are some helpful reasons to help you identify why your e-mails may be going to spam. Entitled "The Top 6 Reasons Your E-mail Goes to Spam," an article like this can help you to recognize and reconfigure your e-mails so that they do not go to spam boxes anymore.
As an email marketer, you probably assume that spam is only sent by shady scammers looking to prey on victims. But, that’s not the case. Even emails sent by legitimate email marketers can end up in the spam folder.
The truth is, there’s more spam than you think. The chart below shows the global spam volume between 2014 and 2018. In April of 2014, spam was at its peak. Seventy-one percent of emails were considered spam. In April of 2018, spam accounted for 48% of emails, which is considerably less than four years ago, but it still means half of all emails won’t land in an inbox.
So, what causes an email to drop into a spam folder rather than the inbox? There are a lot of factors at play, but there are some common reasons for email banishment. Here’s a look at the top six reasons your emails go to spam along with solutions to improve your deliverability:

1. Sending emails without permission

Sending emails to people without their permission is one of the main reasons your emails go to spam. You need express permission, which means the subscriber voluntarily asked for your emails.
That means you can’t send emails to people who hand you their business card at a trade show because they didn’t give you explicit permission to do so. The same goes for buying a list.
Buying a list of contacts might be tempting, especially if you’re just starting out, but it’s a bad idea. Contacts you’ve paid for don’t know you or your business and certainly didn’t give permission to receive your messages.
Plus, sending emails without consent also violates a recently-passed regulation, GDPR, which requires clear and obvious consent.
Bottom line: sending emails without permission is a hot mess.

Solution: Start a double opt-in process

To make sure your emails land safely in a subscriber’s inbox, get permission – twice. By setting up a double opt-in process, subscribers voluntarily join your list and then receive an email asking them to confirm their decision like this email does from Early Bird Books:
Why the two steps? Double opt-in eliminates doubt. 
If a subscriber fills out a form on your website to receive your newsletter and confirms their intent by clicking a link in a follow-up email, it’s clear that he or she wants your emails.
A double opt-in isn’t required. As long as the subscriber has given consent, you’re covered. 
However, adding that extra layer is a wise move. Not only are you 100% sure that customers are interested in your product, but you can also segment your contacts by their opt-in commitment (single or double) and market to each group a little differently.

2. Subscribers report your email as a spam

Subscribers can report your email as spam. Originally, this reporting mechanism was meant to give consumers the power to report fraudulent emails or scams, but today’s consumer uses it more frequently.
Now, when consumers get an email they don’t want or don’t remember signing up for, they’ll report it as spam. Thirty-four percent of consumers say they’ve reported an email as spam as a way to deal with their increasingly full inbox.
It’s not exactly fair, especially when subscribers could unsubscribe rather than report you, but it happens.
Complaints can hurt your reputation as well. If too many are filed, your emails will bypass the inbox and land in the spam folder every time.

Solution: Segment and personalize

To stop subscribers from deeming your email as spam, segment your contacts into small groups and send personalized emails to each.
How does that help? Subscribers don’t want their inbox flooded with messages, and segmentation means you’ll likely send fewer, more targeted emails. Instantly, subscribers are happier.
Plus, segmented emails cater to specific niches. For example, if you break your audience down by past purchases, you could send emails that suggest similar products. The email is relevant, and subscribers will respond by opening, clicking and converting.
If subscribers are engaged with your email, they won’t think of reporting you.

3. Using deceptive subject lines

Crafting a must-click subject line grabs attention and encourages subscribers to open your emails. But, misleading subject lines are another one of the reasons your emails go to spam.
Considering how many messages consumers see every day, marketers have to step up their game. Creating attention-grabbing subject lines is a necessity, but some marketers take it too far.
Here’s a snapshot of subject lines from an average spam folder. Several of them confirm orders, but the subscriber never made a purchase from the company, while others make impossible promises of money:

Solution: Be honest

You can create appealing subject lines and still be honest. You can use humor, tease a coupon that’s inside, or personalize the subject line to get the attention (and action) you’re looking for.
Remember, your emails are an extension of your company. Dishonest messages discourage customers.

4. High percentage of ‘spam words’

When you send an email, a spam filter reviews it before deciding if it goes to an inbox or the spam folder. Think of a spam filter as a ‘truth bot’ that checks your email for legitimacy. Since the bot can’t really read and understand the email like a human, it’s configured to spot certain words that are traditionally used by spammers.
If a lot of “spammy words” are found – you guessed it – it’s another one of the reasons your emails go to spam.

Solution: Avoid spam words

Which words are considered spammy? Great question. Here’s a list of spam words you can reference. However, the list is always growing to keep pace with the changing tactics of spammers.
Most of the words focus on deals that are too good to be true or impossible promises. For example, the words “Free money,” “Easy investment,” and “Earn extra income,” are all red flags for spam filters.
Just be honest and you shouldn’t have any problems.
Fortunately, if you’re working with an email service provider like Emma, you’ll also have access to aspam checker that looks for things a spam filter will red flag. Emma’s spam checker looks at your content, language, file sizes and the reputation of links that you’ve included in your email.
You can use the spam checker before you send an email to ensure the best chances of delivery.

5. Your message is full of misspellings or grammatical errors

In some cases, spammers aren’t native English speakers so they don’t have a grasp on proper spelling and punctuation. An email that’s riddled with misspelled words, punctuation that’s out of place, or words that aren’t typically used in everyday conversation are red flags to any spam filter.

Solution: Proofread your messages and use tools to check for accuracy

Whether you speak English or not, everyone makes mistakes. It only takes a few hiccups for a spam filter to drop the axe on your email.
Take the time to proofread your email. Read the last sentence first and work your way up. With the sentences out of context, you’ll force your brain to read what’s written.
In addition, there are several tools that can go beyond a basic spell check. Grammarly, for example, can spot misspellings and grammatical errors, while a tool like the Hemingway Editor takes a more in-depth look at your text and highlights run-on sentences and passive voice.
Run your text through these tools before you send any email.

6. There’s no unsubscribe option

Subscribers should always have a way to leave your list. If a subscriber wants to end their email relationship with you, they can – at any time. It’s the law, actually. The CAN-SPAM Act requires every email to include an unsubscribe link. It must be easy to find, and simple to opt out.
A missing unsubscribe option is another one of the reasons your emails go to spam.

Solution: Add an unsubscribe link

The solution here is fairly simple. You have to add an unsubscribe link. Most links are at the bottom of an email, like this:
If you’re using an email service provider like Emma, an unsubscribe link is automatically added for you. If a subscriber chooses to leave, Emma removes him or her from your list for you. It’s simple.

Wrap up

The definition of spam has changed. Spam isn’t defined as fraudulent emails sent by unsavory characters anymore, now spam is any unwanted email. By understanding the reasons your emails go to spam, you can make necessary adjustments like getting consent, sending tailored emails, being honest, and sending error-free messages every time.
Remember, getting your emails to the inbox is the first crucial step to turning subscribers into customers.
Emma can help you improve your delivery rates with a variety of advanced tools. See how byrequesting a free demo.

About the Author

Tyler Sutton
Tyler Sutton is an Email Specialist on the Professional Services team at Emma.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Black Ravens


With Halloween right around the corner, The Black Ravens is your one-stop-shop for all things alternative. From clothing to accessories to home goods, this online boutique will get you in the spirit of Halloween no matter the time of year.   

To learn more, see more and to shop at The Black Ravens, click here.
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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Perfect Site for Dream Dresses

The world is in a craze! Meghan Markel is pregnant! And who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess all of the time? Ok, so maybe we cannot all marry a prince and become actual royalty, but we sure can dress like royalty!

Angrila is a wonderful online shopping website that offers the dresses of your dreams.
This great, fashion focused site is your one stop shop for all things beautiful when it comes to dresses. They offer a very wide variety of styles. They are also sure to offer a plethora of styles so that no woman feels left out of this special shopping experience. 
Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid, a guest to a black tie event or on your way to a chic cocktail party, there is something for you. Whether you fancy a tulle formal dress or a slinky, sexy cocktail dress, you will find it at Angrila!
Whether you are pregnant like Meghan Markel or not, size is no issue here. Their service is excellent and they are there to help you get ready for any and every event! Their great customer service and easily navigable site can help guide you to the perfect dress for you! There are even custom dress options!
Pricing is just as wonderful! With a discount almost always running, you can shine in a gorgeous piece while still saving! Even without discounts, their pricing is very fair and reasonable. This is one site that you will find yourself frequenting and feeling comfortable shopping at! 
So live and look like the princess or queen that you are! Royal treatment and royal looks, Angrila is the perfect site for the royal queen or princess in all of us!

Watch a video on The Perfect Site for Dream Dresses here!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Ayita's Dream

Worth the watch. Ayita's Dream is a wonderful testimony and proof of what hard work and dedication can bring. Artistic in itself as it follows the life of a female in the arts (dancing), the short film is beautiful in both imagery and message. Female empowerment, and furthermore human empowerment, Ayita's Dream is a feel-good piece that brings hope and spirit to the soul and will dance its way into your heart.

To view this film, click here.
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Pereg Pumpkin Spice

PSL season is in full swing and Pereg is sure to satisfy your taste buds with their Pumpkin Spice seasoning. Get the delicious taste of pumpkin spice taste on anything and everything!

To learn more, see more and to shop for Pereg products, click here.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Endless Games

Just in time for Halloween, Endless Games releases Horror Trivia. Test your terror knowledge to survive a night of gaming, then pull out the Sleepover Party Game to further your game night fun with more light-hearted activities and tricks galore!

To learn more, see more and to purchase Endless Games, click here.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Photo by @smila_lot

A leader in laser techniques for beauty purposes, Lutronic introduced LaseMD, a non-abrasive skin resurfacing treatment. No matter your skin type, the treatment is quick, painless and requires no downtime post procedure. Proven to lighten the skin's tone, Lutronic can reduce wrinkles, freckles and sunspots in no time. Customized to your skin, the experience will help rebuild and rejuvenate the skin. Virtually painless, and when followed by calming masks, this innovative treatment is do-able during a lunch break and absolutely worth your time.

To learn more, see more and to find a Lutronic experience near you, click here.
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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Smile Brilliant capriPRO

The latest product from renowned oral care company, Smile Brilliant, is a high-tech electrnic tooth brush. The capriPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is the smartest toothbrush on the market. With five different brushing modes, the capriPRO operates for two minutes, briefly pausing between each brush setting to notify the user to begin brushing in a new area of their mouth. Equipped with extra electronic toothbrush heads, this product was made to last. You are sure to both Smile Fearlessly and Smile Brilliant after using this innovative toothbrush. And lucky for you, we have teamed ups ith Smile Brilliant to offer your a chance to WIN your very own capriPRO Electronic Toothbrush. Just click HERE to enter!

To learn more, see more and to shop for Smile Brilliant products, click here.
To receive 20% off cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrushes use code: bellesandrebelles20
For FAQ about Smile Brilliant products, click here.
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Saturday, October 13, 2018


What happens when a farmer launches their own skincare brand? Lumavera happens. This luxury skincare collection combines family heritage health remedies with modern day science. Foundations based on timeless knowledge and current truths combined with all-natural, plant-based ingredients make for a brand that is both eco-friendly and healthy for humans. Illuminate your skin with Lumavera. 

To learn more, see more and to shop for Lumavera products, click here.
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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Let your skin breathOxygenetix not only is the most breathable foundation, but also provides health benefits to your skin. Cover up while cleaning up. Each product provides natural coverage while also making sure to not clog the pores. No matter your skin type, Oxygenetix's ingredients help to promote cell growth and collagen production and leaves your skin radiant and healed.

To learn more, see more and to purchase Oxygenetix products, click here.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10 Metrics Every Email Marketer Needs to Know

E-mailing has been a huge force in the world. Whether it is staying in  touch with family and friends or conversing over e-mail for a business, e-mail can be in  every corner of your life. Personal, professional, social, whatever, e-mailing is here to stay. It has replaced phone calls and sometimes even in -person visits. It can certainly make life easier. The ability to marketing products over e-mail proven to be a major tool to companies across the world. Campaign Monitor is an excellent website to help one get organized and informed on how to use the power of e-mail marketing to advance your business.
It takes time to get email marketing right. It involves using email marketing best practices in every campaign you create, overcoming common rookie mistakes, and optimizing emails for increased engagement.
However, when push comes to shove, even if you execute the perfect email campaign, but don’t understand how to measure the results of your efforts, it’s all for naught.
Before you delve too deep into learning everything there is to know about email marketing, take a step back. Determine what your goals are for email marketing, and then decide how you will measure your success.
Of course, each email marketing campaign can be different, especially if you have different goals for different campaigns (e.g. generating leads and/or growing a subscriber base). However, there are some basic metrics every email marketer should learn how to track.
Here are the top 10 metrics every email marketer needs to track.

1. Open rate

is the simplest email marketing KPI, and vital to understanding how well your subscribers are receiving your messages. Open rate simply tracks how many subscribers opened the email you sent.
Open rates can give you insight into the success of your subject line copy. For example, studies show subject lines that use subscriber’ first names are 26% more likely to be opened. Other strategies like using emoticons in subject lines and keeping subject lines direct and short can increase open rates as well.
As a baseline, most email campaigns average an open rate of a little over 24%. If you manage a campaign with open rates higher than that, you know you are doing something right.

2. Click-through rate (CTR)

is another common metric that can be telling of how well your campaigns are performing. CTR measures how many people clicked on the links in your email. For example, if you included a link to redeem an offer, the CTR would measure what percentage of subscribers clicked on your links.
When crafting an email, there are a few great ways to increase click-through rates. First, is to include links in the email everywhere it makes sense. Additionally, include a clear and easy to see call to action button that subscribers can click on to redeem your offer.
Click-through rates are typically much lower than open rates. The average click-through rate for most campaigns is slightly over 4%.

3. Conversion rate

Your click-through rate will tell you how many people clicked your link, while your conversion rate will tell you how many people clicked on the link and then completed a specific action. For example, let’s say you included a link for your subscribers to participate in a Black Friday sale. The conversion rate would tell you what percentage of people that clicked-through actually made a purchase.
Conversion rates are necessary to measure because they give you unique insight into your return on investment. When you know how much you have spent and how many subscribers are converting, it’s easier to determine if the money you are putting into your campaign is really paying off in the end.

4. Bounce rate

When sending an email campaign, you also want to track the bounce rate. Bounce ratemeasures how many subscriber email addresses didn’t receive your email at all. Soft bounces track temporary problems with email addresses and hard bounces track permanent problems with email addresses.
Measuring bounce rates against open rates will give you a more solid idea of the quality of your subscriber lists. If you have a high percentage of hard bounces, it indicates your list may be full of fake email addresses, old email addresses, or addresses with mistakes in them.
You can preemptively decrease your bounce rates by requiring a double opt-in. This means subscribers have to verify their email address and confirm they want to receive emails from your brand. This is a great option considering you want the quality of your email list to remain high and your bounce rate to stay low.

5. Number of unsubscribes

Measuring unsubscribes is pretty cut and dry. Any email provider will tell you how many people unsubscribed upon receiving an email from you. This is usually displayed in your main dashboard or your metrics dashboard.
It’s easy to get discouraged when you see a high number of unsubscribes. However, professional email marketers often count unsubscribes as a good thing. Why? Because it means you are fine-tuning your subscriber list.
Additionally, when you clearly give subscribers the opportunity to unsubscribe, and you should, it lets them know they have the choice what kind of content they receive from your brand and when. It’s an awesome way to build trust.

6. List growth rate

Now that we’ve talked about the people who, for whatever reason, don’t want to engage with your brand via email, let’s talk about those that do! List growth rate is the metric to track when you want to see the rate at which your list is growing.
You can calculate this by taking the number of new subscribers minus the number of unsubscribes, divide it by the total number of email addresses on your list and then multiply it by 100.
It’s natural to experience some attrition, which is why it’s important to focus on ways to continually grow your list, engage subscribers, and find new loyal subscribers.

7. Spam complaints

There is little worse than putting your talent and creativity into an email only for it to get marked as spam. Seriously. Talk about a bummer. You may want to ignore those that can’t appreciate a good email when they see one, but, unfortunately, you need to pay attention to spam complaints.
Why? Because if this rate gets too high, it’s possible your email service provider will take action against you and/or block your account. Email service providers want to ensure quality and tracking spam complaints is one way they can do it.
Your email service provider will likely track this number for you, but you may want to keep an eye on it yourself. That way, you can make sure you are ensuring quality, that nothing is technically wrong with your emails, and that your copywriting is on point.

8. Forwarding rate/email sharing

Forwarding rate/email sharing measures the percentage of recipients who either shared your post via social media or forwarded it to a friend.
This is an awesome metric to track because it gives you an idea of how many brand advocates you have. In other words, it tells you what percentage of subscribers are recommending your emails to others.
Developing brand advocates through email marketing is a great strategy, especially considering 81% of consumer’s purchasing decisions are influenced by friends’ social media posts.

9. Engagement over time

Tracking engagement over time will give you information on when the best times of day and times of day are to send messages. Of course, you can utilize automation in your email service provider to send emails based on a customer behavior or trigger, but tracking engagement over time will tell you when you get the highest open rates and click rates for emails that are not automated.
Some email service providers automates this feature and will gather the data for you. However, it’s not a bad idea to track this metric on your own and determine when the best send times are for your industry and for your subscriber base.

10. Overall ROI

Overall ROI is a metric every email marketer should track. It tells you the overall return on investment for your campaigns. This means the total revenue divided by the total spend.
You can calculate this by taking the money you made in sales from the campaign minus the money you spent to execute the campaign divide it by the money invested in the campaign and then times that by 100. That will tell you your overall ROI.
Email marketing can be an investment, but thankfully, it also has the highest ROI out of any digital marketing strategy.

Wrap up

There you have it. Those are the top 10 email marketing metrics every marketer should track. As you set up email marketing campaign goals, these metrics will help you measure your overall success as well as help you make necessary adjustments to your strategy.