Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who's always looking for things that are unique and that no one else has? ME, ME, ME! I caught Heidi Roland on the street and haaaaaad to stop her. I mean just look at these earrings! SO different from anything I've ever seen before! Turns out, she MAKES them! JACKPOT.

The photo earrings, like the ones pictured above aren't the only creations by Heidi. Turns out, she has three collections. Yes, three equally amazing and beautiful collections! One being the photo earrings that caught my eye, two being a feather collection, and her third is a textile collection. I mean, check this stuff out! So, so, sooooooo not your average jewelry!

Ok, so, if you want to stand out with some real funky, statement jewelry pieces...and have random people stop you in the street (aka me) to ask "where did you get that?"...then check out more of Heidi's creations here !


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