Monday, December 28, 2009

Ring in the New Year!

With the last week of 2009 having officially begun (Can you beliiiiieveeeee in four days it will be 2010? Someone please tell me where time has gone!!!!), I thought it would be appropriate to usher in the new year with a new style! The Digit Ring. I have been absolutly pining over these rings that go on the top halves of your fingers, or your "digits," ever since the Olsen twins were caught wearing them (I wore a really small one in my first shoot back on my 11/9 post). Lucky for me, I ran into the designer behind the new jewlery line Sarah Davida. She has been disigning these cute little baby-sized rings, which she calls "mid-finger cuff rings," for quite a while now after discovering them "by accident" when wearing scraps of the sterling silver she was using while taking a metalsmithing course. Good thing she did, because these bad boys are going to be the newest rage and I'm already ordering a few custom-engraved rings from her! They look sick stacked with all of your good old ordinary rings. Totally the new accessory!!!

Check out the Sarah Davida Website here
Check out the Sarah Davida Blog here

If you're interested in getting your fingers on, or should i say...your mid-fingers on...these custom-made and engraved rings, contact me or go here


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