Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Teu Swimwear & Jojo Bikini Giveaway

Teu Swimwear is not about being conservative. Brazilian-born bikini lover, Tininha Silva, designs sizzling, sexy swimwear that will burn up the beach. This upscale brand, pronounced "tay-oh"-meaning "Yours" in Portuguese, is focused on impeccable cuts, flattering fits, and striking colors. The launch of the Resort 2012 collection, entitled Sou Teu - "I'm Yours"- channels Silva's passion for flirty, itsy-bitsy bikinis and bathing suits that embody a seductive, yet surprisingly sporty and sophisticated twist.

After meeting and falling in love with Teu Swimwear at Swimshow Miami this past July (here), we've teamed up with the Ms. Silva, the designer herself, to offer you a chance to win one of her latest creations, the Jojo Bikini in Chocolate and Teal. Scroll down for giveaway rules and regulations.

To Enter Teu Swimwear Jojo Bikini Giveaway
1. Follow us and leave a comment here on Blogger explaining how much you need this sexy new bathing suit by Teu Swimwear.
2. Add Belles&Rebelles (here) on Twitter and tweet at us saying "@BELLESnREBELLES Make me Resort-Ready with a new Teu Bikini!
3. "
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4. Or, lastly, j
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If you choose to do all of the above, you will be entered in the raffle four times (each action will guarantee you one raffle entry). The contest will run through this week only, ending at midnight on Saturday, October 15, 2011.
(Contest deadline is midnight USA EST Time on Saturday, October 15, 2011. The winner will be announced and notified on Sunday, October 16, 2011.)
This contest is open to followers in the United States only.
Get your comments, tweets, and Facebook "thumb-ups" in ASAP for the chance to win a hot new bikini!

To learn more, see more, and to purchase Teu Swimwear, click here.
To puchase the Jojo Bikini Chocolate Teal by Teu Swimwear, click here.
To see more Belles&Rebelles coverage of Teu Swimwear, click here.
Big thanks to Teu Swimwear Designer, Tininha Silva, for making this giveaway possible!
More thanks to Shamila Jiwa of Shamila Fine Distinctive Jewelry, which we blogged about here, for introducing us to Ms. Silva and Teu Swimwear.



  1. GO CHEEKY! Just need a vaca now

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  2. I'm starting veterinary school in the Caribbean (St. Kitts) in January and could definitely use a hot new bikini!!

  3. I could always use a new bathing suit, I haven't even bought for awhile! They are really cute..

  4. follower on bloglovin! and seriously....why don't i NEED this bikini!? i am a college student going on trip after trip with my friends- this cute little bikini would be perfect to throw in my bag! also, lets be honest... it's TO DIE FOR cute! and we all need to impress somebody ;) please pick me!


  5. those design are sooooo cute!!! love the one piece!

  6. Who DOESN'T need a fabulous Brazilian bikini to be a true beach goddess? ;Dvv


    Tweeted too: http://twitter.com/#!/cherriparfait/status/124240400868311041

  7. I'm going to Zumba faithfully every day so I for sure need this sexy bikini to reward myself !!!

  8. https://twitter.com/dropastitch/status/124241425100587008

  9. "@BELLESnREBELLES Make me Resort-Ready with a new Teu Bikini! @alongcamemary1 from twitter,, Mary =0)

  10. Fan on Facebook "Mary Rodwicz" ty for the chance!! Mary =0)

  11. http://twitter.com/#!/BELLESnREBELLES/status/123873561818578945

    tweeted giveaway @alongcamemary1 Mary =0)

  12. I would absolutely love,love,love to get my hands on one of your "Gorgeous""@BELLESnREBELLES" " suits,,Im a single Mom and Ive been working hard to get and "stay" in shape and would love to show off in one of your "stunning" suits !! ty for the chance!! Mary =0)

  13. I NEED this bikini for our cruise at the end of the month! I could wear it and rock the boat! Super sexy!

    jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

  14. Like you both and commented
    amy rouse

    shared and tweetin you up!!! ( @dropastitch )

  15. Wow this swimsuit is great! I'd love to rock it on my winter trip to cancun! Following on blogger! -cindy batchelor


  16. I tweeted the contest and am following on twitter -@ladyboarder9669

  17. http://twitter.com/#!/dropastitch/status/124606396560965632

  18. My gf would look so good in those suits!!

  19. I would love to get on these bikinis! I had a high risk pregnancy withe twins and on bed rest for 6 months. After that, I was on steroids for several years and gain a lot of weight. I am currently within 5 pounds from my goal. Would love to surprise my husband with me in these FAB swimwear.

  20. I Add Belles&Rebelles (here) on Twitter and tweet at us saying "@BELLESnREBELLES Make me Resort-Ready with a new Teu Bikini!


  21. "Like" Belles&Rebelles (here) and Teu Swimwear (here) on Facebook.

    I would love to get my hands on this bikini and swimwear to show off my 41 year old mother of three body

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