Tuesday, December 13, 2011

B|W|R Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview

 Alice & Trixie Clothing
 Jimeale Lifestyle and Travel Accessories
 Erica Anenberg Jewelry
 Minnie Rose Cashmere Sweaters
 Alex and Eli Clothing
 Le Petit Petit Clothing
 Chooka Rainboots

B|W|R has a seemingly endless list of clients. Representing everything and everyone from corporate businesses to motion pictures to individual talents and personalities to travel and hospitality to beverages and other consumables to technology to events to....well, you get it...the list goes on and on!
For their  Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion press preview, we were treated to a sneak peek at large variety of brands including Alice & TrixieFoot Petals, Stretta, Erica AnenbergJimealeLa MerMade to FadeMinnie RoseAlex and EliLe Petit PetitAbbey DawnOne Grey DayTed BakerSanuk, and Chooka...
not to mention delicious rice crispie treat snacks, which happened to be in the in the form of sushi.

To learn more about B|W|R PR click here.
Big Thanks to all of the girls at B|W|R, including Hayley Scheck Antonian, Jamie Reisman, Sarah Sterns Finazzo, and Courtney Sybesma for the invitation to the event and for sharing all of the collections with us!



  1. Nice pictures!

    Thank you for your comment and to your question: I'm living in the south.

  2. you are so lucky to go to all these press review!!!

  3. I really like those rain boots! I have been needing a pair.

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