Thursday, May 3, 2012

NFL x Equinox x United Way x Play 60

 Dustin Keller of the NY Jets

It's always fashionable to participate in charities. In conjunction with all of the NFL Draft events and parties that took place the past couple of weeks (here and here), the NFL teamed up with Equinox fitness centers and offered exclusive invigorating classes run by NFL players themselves.  Proceeds to join the work-out sessions benefitted United Way and NFL Play 60 to help tackle childhood obesity.

To learn more about NFL Play 60, click here.
To learn more about United Way, click here.
To shop for NFL Products, click here.
To learn more and to join an Equinox Fitness Center, click here.
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Big thanks to Tracy Perlman, Dustin Keller, Equinox Fitness Centers, United Way Foundation, and Play 60 for hosting this event and for helping to make this feature possible!



  1. Aw great to see a little bit of charity work on your blog! Always refreshing.

  2. If I could have wine after my work out, I'll work out more often xox

    P.s. you look amazing after a work out =)

    xox M

  3. so rad!! i love giving back when i can

  4. You have such a cool life.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. so cute!! that food looks amaze.