Friday, June 29, 2012

Sound Quality at Grey Area

Dirty Mirrors
Skulls by Ted Riederer

Unique and highly-curated SoHo showroom and shop, Grey Area, hosted a music inspired exhibition entitled Sound Quality. Art met fashion, which met music, in limited-time show.  The "Opening Act," or the event to launch the opening, was headlined by new band, Dirty Mirrors

To learn more, see more, and to shop at Grey Area, click here.
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Big Thanks to Angie Niles and Ling Luke of Grey Area Showroom and Shop for the invitation to this event!



  1. that skull is amazzzing.. i love skulls :)

    xx james

  2. I feel like fashion, music and art are so related for the weirdest reason. I mean they are all forms of expressions which I think is so awesome. I love it and cool events like this!


  3. Is this a sjowroom? Oh my it looks like an art gallery! I love it!