Sunday, June 23, 2013

BirkSun Levels Pack Giveaway

As Summer 2013 is finally and officially here, it's time to hit the great outdoors and enjoy the lovely warm weather. For your long days in the sun this hot new brand, BirkSun, has developed a product that allows for the adventuring to begin and for the communication to never end. Wearability and technology collide as these prized packs promise to keep all of your tech products, from cell phones to tablets to iPods, fully powered while still ensuring comfort and fashion.  
Keeping the importance of always being "powered up" - and especially the necessity of the need for correspondence during an emergency situation - in mind, BirkSun backpacks that are, first and foremost, extremely reliable. Sun panels generate energy into the battery packs that are located within the bags. Plug your gadgets in white biking, hiking, or venturing out on a city stroll. One hour of solar power=one more hour of talking!  With two fashionable models, one called the Atlas - the functional, handcrafted, "commute cross-town or commute cross-country" pack, and the second named Levels - the simple and efficient and more modern shaped pack (pictured above), this brand is sure to strike all of the right chords of both rugged travelers and fashioistas alike.  

In an exciting collaboration with the team over at BirkSun , we are proud to offer one lucky follower the chance to win their very own BirkSun Pack. Perfect for all of your upcoming summer adventures, the Levels Pack (which we photoed both above and is pictured below) is stylish and functional.

To Enter the BirkSun Levels Pack Giveaway:
1. Follow us and leave a comment here on Blogger, stating how much you'd love this cool, useful backpack. 
2. Add Belles&Rebelles (here) and BirkSun (here) on Twitter and tweet at us saying "Hey @BELLESnREBELLES! Charge me up with a @BirkSun Pack this Summer!
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If you choose to do all of the above, you will be entered in the raffle five times (each action will guarantee you one raffle entry). The contest will run for this week only, starting today and ending on Saturday June 29, 2013. 
(Contest deadline is midnight USA EST Time on Saturday, June 29, 2013. The winner will be announced and notified on Sunday, June 30, 2012.)
Get your comments, tweets, and Facebook "thumb-ups" in ASAP for the chance to win the perfect pack for Summer 2013!
This giveaway is limited to followers with USA shipping addresses only.

To learn more, see more, and to shop for BirkSun Packs, click here.
To purchase the BirkSun Levels Backpack directly, click here.
Big Thanks to Richard Highsmith of BirkSun (and Sarah Henderson for the introduction) for making this feature and giveaway possible!



  1. nice

  2. Super Cool!!

  3. Nice !!

    new post on my blog!

  4. Definitely getting my hands on one of there for my summer Guatemalan jungle expeditions.

  5. My ring size!? Not sure why you need that, but it's a 7 1/4 :) This backpack will put the Louisiana sun to good use! I'd love it.

  6. ring size is 5 and I love this backpack!! Hiking with it would be awesome :)

  7. I love this bag babe!

  8. This is insane! Very cool backpack and so interested in the future of fashion gadgets like this! {Ring size 7.5!} xoxoxo

  9. great for backpacking.
    followed u on instagram as well as Birksun :)

  10. cool bag for going hicking!
    PS: I am from Montreal although living in Europe! I love my city and so will you!
    And wow Russia, that is one of my dream destinations! Have fun!