Saturday, January 11, 2014


Don’t you just love that moment when you spot someone across the party wearing the same outfit as you? Who is a fan of uniformity and “twin dressing?” For those of us who want to think outside of the box, and more importantly shop outside of the box, there’s SheInside.
Based in China and launched in 2008, this major online shopping boutique offers the very latest in street style. From dresses, to jewelry, to boots, to coats, to skirts, to tops, to bottoms and beyond, Sheinside doesn’t miss a beat nor a piece. It is a one-stop shopping emporium. For the fashion conscious woman, it hits every trend and better yet, nails it in regards to pricing too. While promising great quality, the price point is fair and agreeable with any girls’ budget and wallet.  With a revolving collection, Sheinside shows that they are not only able to keep up with and change in an instant with the trends, but they prove that they are relevant and ever changing with the styles and the market.  With a link to their “Daily New,” the newest pieces are posted on the date that they arrive so you are able to shop the newest and hottest at lightening speed! Forget running through the racks, the most current look is just a click away!
Smart and creative look books, which are posted frequently to the site, help to style the pieces that are available on the site. Beautifully done, with available pieces, it makes shopping more effortless. With a visual of which pieces to pair together, there’s no excuse for you to look bad this weekend when purchasing a full outfit from Sheinside. Furthermore, a “Trends” section on the site helps to nail down whatever trend you crave. It helps to narrow down just what pieces you should shop to achieve the very look you want.  They even feature a fashion blog where you can purchase garments directly from the blog. After spotting a Kenzo-esque sweatshirt with an eye (named the “Black Long Sleeve Eye Embroidered Sweatshirt, which is pictured above and which you can purchase here) in one of their latest blog posts (, it was a no brainer to make the purchase, plus at a great discounted price (again, this site is definitely a wallet pleaser!). This site truly just makes it so easy!
Completely user and shopper friendly, they have a useful measuring system to ensure that you select the correct size. An incredibly, get this, yes, helpful “Help Center” ensure that all of your questions are answered regarding ordering, shiping, payments and returns.  Customer friendly to say the very least! Wholesalers are welcome to shop as well, and bloggers are encouraged to join their affiliate program.  Non-bloggers, bloggers, and any shopper alike are also encouraged to join SheInside Exclusive programs. With a VIP Center for their most cherished customers and clients and bonus point programs, frequesnt shopping is encouraged. Even designers are welcomed to join the Sheinside team. With a program for fashion designers, Sheinside invites all creative minds to send their design ideas and sketches their way. For often, they will even produce those designs to be sold on the site. Exciting initiatives have created a loyal following and have made customers into clients. With an easy to work with staff that are reachable, friendly, and willing to help or answer any question, this is a site you will feel welcomed at and will find yourself frequenting.  

With a confirmed and true knowledge for everything fashion and style, you won’t be steered wrong. So shop away and get inside the SheInside way!

To learn more, see more, and to shop at SheInside, click here.
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  1. i shop there quite a bit actually! for those random fun pieces...i've had to return a lot though, sometimes they fit weird!

  2. I really love SheInside :D

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