Monday, January 18, 2016

Eric Rakofsky x P.B.E. Fitness

Pictured: Sabrina Sablosky trains with Eric Rakofsky

Taught, tight, toned. In terms of work-outs, boxing is the way to get the ultimate body and Brooklyn born Eric Rakofsky is the trainer to do it with. With an impressive resume of competition fights (he competed in the Golden Gloves) and coming from an extremely commendable beginning (he started his career at the historic Gleasons Gym of Brooklyn) it is no wonder that the young Rakofsky already has a large following and diverse clientele that ranges from fashion models to fellow athletes. Currently training out of the exclusive Right Fit NY gym, Rakofsky launched his own company, P.B.E Fitness (Perseverance Believe Exercise). With his fast paced sessions, you can be guaranteed to be fight-ready, runway-ready and/or beach-ready in no time.

To train with Eric Rakofsky, contact him at or (347) 409-9077.
Big Thanks to Eric Rakofsky for the training session and Special Thanks to Abba Manchanda  of Micky London for introducing us to Mr. Rakofsky and for making this feature possible!



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