Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DAMNsel X Yunotme Event

Quirky and cool, DAMNsel is a new ready-to-wear brand that pushes the boundaries and addresses issues regarding both gender and idealization of the female form. From their signature funky "Pussy Pouches" to garments that can be modified to mimic plastic surgery, each piece carries a message.  Luxurious, hand crafted Yunotme headpieces complimented the clothing at their recent event. With designs that are all at once bold, yet feel feminine and charming, Yunotme empowers the head in which it adorns with each statement headband.   

To learn more, see more and to shop for DAMNsel, click here.
To learn more, see more and to shop for Yunotme, click here.
Big Thanks to all of the designers at DAMNsel and Yunotme for having me at their wonderful event. Thank you to the team over at Omen PR for inviting us to this event. Thank you all for making this feature possible.


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