Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Portrait of a 1920s Flapper

Women’s fashion in the 1920s was full of new colors and fabrics that showed the joy felt by a war-weary population following the end of hostilities. Her dress would be made from a beautifully smooth silk and rayon that would show off a delicate design. The 1920s inspired dress would wrap around to the end of her shoulders and had a shear draping that connected in the front of her chest. It was a soft cream with ivory color that was embezzled with sequins and beads. The design showed elegant swirls with draped lines through the whole dress giving it a timeless look.

During the day she would make sure her curls were pinned tight on the side of her head. She would put on her 1920s inspired dress along with pearl earrings and a matching necklace. Working as a singer for the towns’ most well- known club, her dress shimmered in the spotlight when she sang beautiful songs to entertain everyone far and wide. During her evening shows she would add a classic hair piece in her pinup curls with elegant silk shoes to match.

When the spotlight shone on her for her performance, she lit up the room. It brought a harmonious sound to the audience's ears and was always a time they never forgot. Her songs had unusual phrasing, which when she sang upbeat lyrics she would incorporate shouts, moans, and wails in the songs that gave a different feel to the songs. Her music was one that would be well-known in history and make her an epic icon.

At the end of the night she would go back to her apartment that was decorated beautifully with shear white curtains and bohemian styled furniture. She had a gorgeous queen bed that had white silk sheets with a white fur blanket and yellow pillows to accent. It had a matching white silk bed canopy that added extra class to her room. She would put her silk pump shoes back on her shoe rack in her closet and the 1920s inspired dress had a special place it laid. Every night she would put her night gown on and lay the dress on a padded body mannequin in the corner of her room. This timeless dress, defined who she was day and night, and while she was at home, she was able to look at that beautifully detailed frock whenever she wanted to remind herself of who she was. She knew she was a woman that radiated beauty, class, and showed others that any woman can be whatever they dream of.

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