Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Brown Agency

The modeling industry is enormous and vast in more ways than you may think. While most think of modeling for it’s glitz and glamour, it is so, so much more than that. While beautiful people do model – or what one might consider a “beautiful person” - the industry has much, much more depth. There is a place for every shape, size, color, race and religion in the world of modeling.  While a runway might sometimes require a certain height (this stereotype is even being shattered now with shorter models making their ways down the catwalk), print ads don’t generally require any certain height. You need not be rail-thin or be six feet tall! We, as humans, are all beautiful and modeling agencies recognize the talents from within, disproving the stereotype that the modeling world is shallow. Sometimes a model doesn’t use her looks at all. Sometimes it is her personality that shines.  In the age of social media, models can be in the form of influencers, some in which live “normal” lives and share their world, which is accessible to their followers and others. 

From the leading lady, to the “funny sidekick,” to the curvy, to the plus-size, to the young, to the old, there are a plethora of avenues to pursue in the modeling world.
Here are a few modeling jobs, which might include positions that you may have never considered to be modeling gigs:
-Instagram Influencers
-Fitness Gurus
-Editorial Models
-Runway Models
-Print/Ad/Catalogue Models, some might even just be HAND models! Or FOOT models! Sometimes it isn’t even ones face that is bringing home the paychecks!

Representation in the modeling world can be very important. With a proper agency to represent one as a model, the talent is able to be connected with brands that are a mutual fit with their look. Whether it is a glamorous fashion brand or a successful health brand, the importance of placement and finding the right model with the proper look is a major aid in the entire branding process. Strategically, the model needs to be someone that represents and garners the attention of the targeted audience to help the client, or the brand, to sell the product.

The Brown Agency is a large and successful modelling agency based in Austin, TX. They represent models and talents and is one of the most respected agencies in the world. Their models and talent appear in some of the most famous and recognizable brands’ ads and campaigns and beyond. The Brown Agency boasts a roster of diverse models doing diverse jobs. From Fashion Week runway shows across the globe to working with well respected brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota and thousands more, they are a true leader in the industry.


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