Tuesday, November 10, 2020


While living in a pandemic, it is safe to say that fashion styles have been affected. With less places to go and less reasons to dress to impress, the athleisure industry has certainly taken off. Sales of leggings and other athleisure clothing have gone up. People are choosing to be more comfortable in what they choose to wear daily and it has birthed new trends. As a retired professional athlete as well as a fashion stylist to athletes, this news actually comes with great excitement. Dressing comfortably has, in our minds, always been top priority and being comfortable in itself holds value and it’s own style and swag. One great website that offers great styles in these altheisure and comfort fields is Charmwish. Consider this website your one stop shop for all things comfort - and more!

One style that is having a major breakout at the moment is the hoodie style. And you’re in luck! Charmwish offers a plethora of the most comfortable hoodies on the market! Since we already mentioned that comfort takes the cake these days, you need not worry here. Known for their soft and properly fitted threads, there’s no way for you to go wrong here! Beyond the comfort factor, the actual style factor comes into play and this online shopping destination proves to have the coolest options of hoodies to elevate your athletic look!

Beyond sweatshirt attire, there are definitely more options to be had in this more leisurely style category.
And especially with winter coming, you might want to opt for a cozy sweater over a sweat top. Charmwish has you covered here as well. Whether you fancy a women’s sweater or a man’s sweater, you will absolutely find it here. With more options than you’ll need, you are sure to fill your closet with just this one online shopping site. The underlying similarities of everything on this site is that every piece of clothing offers both style and comfort! You will be on trend no matter what you choose and above all, you will feel your best!

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