Sunday, April 25, 2021

Self Care Books


Living during a pandemic has been utterly challenging for so many. As we consume depressing news daily, we have to try to find the silver linings. Mango Publishing has made a point to publish important, uplifting books. Loving and Living Your Through Grief is Emily Thiroux Threatt's guide to reclaiming joy in your life after great loss. Another book that aids in your healing is the perfectly named Prayers For Healing. Oozing with blessing, poems and meditations from around the world, there's no shortage of inspiring quotes that lead to deep reflection. Moving to the next publication, many have sadly lost loved ones to the Corona Virus and this book can act as an aid to carrying on. Another guide to help you to "Remember and Do What Matters" is Live With Intention. This important book, written by one of the most-quoted women writers of our day,  Mary Anne Radmacher's, shares the wisdom of identifying what matters most to your person and helping you determine your best way to make a difference and feel good. Hey! It's Your Day is yet another amazing book to truly live by. Inspirational quotes prove that words alone can change your perspective. Author June Cotnor was able to compile motivational words of wisdom on each page, promoting positivity and living each day with powerful good energy. Lastly, Living the Faery Life guides you to the magic of the Enchanted Realm. Kac Young, who boasts a PHD, helps readers create their own enchanted private faery world in  your modern day reality. Faery Kingdoms are places of joy and happiness. They're more than just myths, but a whole way of life, yielding in a deeper connection with oneself. 
Picking up any of these publications is sure to bring a better sense of inner self as well as outer zen. Each promotes the self care that is so needed during these unprecedented times.

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