Wednesday, October 13, 2021



Multi Function Outdoor Camouflage Vest

For many years, men’s styling has been on my resume. Working with men is a real treat. It feels great to teach men about fashion and to make them feel good in their own skin. Fashion styling is so much more than just putting clothing on people and it can be life changing. Fashion styling can be viewed as image consulting, really. It is a tool to create your own image for yourself. To show your persona and to express yourself. It can sometimes be difficult to do this on your own. There are so many trends out there and you can fall into traps about what is “cool” or what is “cool right now,” when in fact, you should always dress for what makes you most comfortable in your own skin, which is also beyond what is comfortable to your skin, feet, body, etc.! Men can often be easily moldable. They just want to feel good and while they do have their own challenges, males just seem to take direction better in terms of clothing! 

One great website that is a great tool if you are a man and shopping or a fashion stylist with male clients is Wayrates. This online shopping destination has such a great variety of items to choose from, there is no way that you will leave empty handed after visiting this site. 

Many people, men included, actually do not care as much about the actual fashion of the pieces that they are buying, but the functionality. If this is you, then this site is for you! With a plethora of men’s tactical clothing here, you are sure to find all of your necessities, and especially for those outdoor moments in your life. As a New York City person, the cold months require outerwear, and for those of you out in suburbia or the wilderness, there is nothing more important that these tactical pieces!

The inventory on this site is all perfect for the outdoors or city lifestyle since they offer both function and fashion.  So city or not, take a look! Plus you might just need something for a weekend boys fishing trip!
While prices are very fair on this site, and you will find everything from hardcore to polo winter coats for men, you are sure to not be disappointed! Fashion forward, functional and fair prices? This must be a dream! Shop away, boys! (And men!)

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