Monday, November 8, 2021

Melach 33

Melach 33 brings the magic of the ancient world right into your beauty routine. Inspired by her travels, and her quest to unlock the secrets to creating the most meaningful skincare products, Founder Jennifer McClure brings this plant based skincare collection that is a blend of ancient Dead Sea minerals and desert palm oils. Melach 33 - melach means "salt" in    Hebrew - capitalizes on the sacred healing powers of the Mecca that is the Dead Sea. The minerals are known to soften the skin and erase wrinkles and Melach 33 products do this and more. Whether it is an effortless morning routine or a nightly regimen, you will find your skin to be glowing as it achieves the real nourishment it needs. And all without having to make the long trip to the Dead Sea - you can enjoy all of the luxuries from your own home.

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