Friday, April 22, 2022

O'o Hawaii

What's more beautiful than Hawaii? Your skin after using O'o Hawaii products! With their name driving from the sadly, now extinct, Hawaiian 'ō'ō bird, this skincare brand vows to not just improve but to protect and preserve. Beyond the skin - which the brand feeds its natural, nutrient rich formulas sourced from Hawaii - the brand is eco-conscious down to the packaging. With a focus on sun protection, because, after all, Hawaii is the ultimate "outdoor state" if there ever was one, sought after holistic health coach Holly Harding didn't just her own surfer lifestyle in mind. She was sure to factor in  the rest of the world, but literally and figuratively. Cruelty-free, sustainable and integral - Harding offers oral supplement, too - your skin can survive any harsh environment while still caring for the environment. 

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