Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yeah, They Were All Yellow

I've been seeing a lot of bright colors and tons of neons around lately...and just loads of yellow! All of which are great for summer!



  1. I knowww, I really slacked and didn't find the USA one!
    p.s. i am also seeing lots of bright colors- i'm in love with coral/peach/burnt orange, stay tuned for a post about that!
    p.s.s. stay with blackberry!! i miss my blackberry so much - so much that sometimes i even take it out and look at it fondly. i just can't get in to the touch screen - but then again, the apps are very helpful (mostly the train schedule one for where i live!)

  2. Looove all your post darling *_*

  3. Love and NEED those wedges on the last pic!