Thursday, September 30, 2010

Close Ups with Caro Marketing

A press preview with Caro Marketing at the trendy boutique hotel Ink 48 yielded a fantastic sneak peek at what is to come in the springtime of 2011 for eleven different collections. It was a mix of some awesome brand new lines that will be launching this spring, such as Jia and Bishop (the diffusion line of Bishop of Seventh, who is best known for their clean tailoring and amazing fits...Bishop of Seventh also happens to be collaborating with Los Angeles artist Michael Chearney this spring on a sick limited edition, feng shui-inspired t-shirt and denim collection!), as well as some long-time favorites such as the always on-trend Aryn K, the classic and sophisticated McGinn Collection, and one of my personal obsessions, Plastic Island (which I first laid eyes on here). Overall consensus? Let's skip the winter and go straight to spring. Any objections?

Details by Aryn K
Prints, pockets, and bows by Plastic Island
Newest Obsession/Limited Edition Collaboration featuring splatter painted garments by Bishop of Seventh x Michael Chearney


  1. absolutely beautiful items, and review, as always!

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  2. I am loving these close up shots and the fabrics...

  3. Loving what I'm seeing so far ♥
    I had a feeling paint splatter would eventually start booming soon, haha~

  4. I like the fabrics with paint splattered on it, that's really neat, I've always wanted a dress with that fabric!

  5. funny you should say that...i was just thinking tonight - i'm over this fall/winter thing. where's spring?


    loved all the fabrics!

  6. Love the edgy feel of this collection! Hopefully spring comes soon :)

  7. i LOVE pictures of close-up anything! It always throws in a bit of perspective..