Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Project Reindeer

The most creative way to generate in-store deals. For the next five days, Gap introduces Project Reindeer. Using eight live reindeer and GPS, the deers' movements will be tracked and measured against a different goal each day. Every deer will have a deal. Every day will have a winner. Every Gap in America will offer the winner deer's deal to the public the very next day. How perfectly original?

To learn more, see more, and to track the Reindeer, check out Project Reindeer here and here.
Check out "The Herd" here.
To shop at Gap, click here.



  1. Haha!! that's hilarious!! It's kind of too bad, in a way though. I mean it's weird to connect this huge thing consumerism with nature, something simple and completely apart. I hope the deers are okay.

  2. oh thats fab thanks for sharing xxxx

  3. wooooh that's amazing ahhaha :) Wish I lived in the USA :D