Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amen Leather Jacket Giveaway

Modern. Luxury. The two words behind the Italian company, Amen. Launched in 2003 by a group of designers that are known to be the European leaders of embroidery and hand-made textiles in the fashion industry, Amen has risen as a distinguished contemporary and fashion forward brand based on its unique mix of creativity, innovation, and exquisite craftsmanship. Teaming up with Amen and L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store (again, see our first collaboration here), was a no-brainer. "Amen" to Amen because together, we have cooked up our best giveaway yet.

What I wore: Leather Jacket by Amen courtesy of L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store, Liquid Leggings by Heart Soul, Sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana, Turban Headband by Ricky's

To Enter the Amen Leather Jacket Giveaway:
1. Sign up for L'Inde Store's Newsletter by clicking here.
2. Add Belles&Rebelles and L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store on Twitter (Access Belles&Rebelles on Twitter, here and L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store here) and tweet at us saying "I'm an AMEN addict!" (If you're already following us, just the tweet will do)
Leave a comment about how much you want/need/and love this Amen Leather Jacket once you've joined us at our Facebook Fan Page (see/add our Facebook Fan Page here). Make sure you join L'Inde Le Palais on Facebook as well (see/add their Facebook page here)
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or lastly, 5.
Leave a comment about this post here on blogger explaining your want/need/and love for this beautiful Amen Leather Jacket.
If you choose to do all of the above, you will be entered in the raffle five times (each action will guarantee you one raffle entry). The winner will be chosen one week from today (Contest deadline is Thursday, December 9, 2010 at midnight USA EST Time. Winner will be announced on Friday, December 10, 2010.)
Get your tweets, comments, and Facebook "thumb-ups" in ASAP for the chance to secure yourself a chance to win our best giveaway yet! Good luck!

To learn more, see more, and to shop for Amen, click here.
To purchase this Amen Leather Jacket, click here.
To check out Belles&Rebelles and this giveaway on the L'Inde Store Blog, click here.
To learn more, see more, and to shop at L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store, click here.
Amen is available in the USA at Curve NYC/Miami/LA. To shop at Curve, click here.



  1. keep the jacket, how do we win the girl in it?!?!?!


    Fashion by He

  2. 1) DONE
    2) DONE
    3) DONE
    4) DONE
    5) So, want/need/and love this Amen Leather Jacket bc is absolutely stunning. It is a chic but at the same time it has edgy details that i ADORE!!!!

    such a fab giveaway!!!!

    <3 M

  3. I'm sad because this is a GORGEOUS jacket and an absolutely, totally generous and amazing gift but I don't do twitter or facebook -- I know... I know... it's on my must-do list but for now... :(

    Thanks for entering my Giveaway!

  4. Love this jacket!!! Great giveaway, M.!


  5. lovely post here!

    great blog dear!

    thx so much for ur so sweet comm:))


  6. Umm...I would not take this jacket off if I won it and this giveaway just made my day! I did all 5 (well, except for the newsletter because there is no link!)

  7. I'll pick #5. Great giveaway! Just stumbled on your blog. Too cute!!

    Stop by mine:

  8. 1 done 2 done 3 done 4 done, so now I have to do the fifth, i love love love this jacket, the little details, the edgy look lovely!!!!!!

  9. P.S. I'm your new follower on Bloglovin. Follow me too!

  10. oh my days that is the jacket of my dreams! equisite! blog written well hun! i twittered i tweetedand im a follower on Bloglovin!

  11. Done all 5 points ;
    twitter: @megmehp
    done the newsletter, done with the likes, done with the comments, following at twitter;
    & last but not the least;
    Its black, its stunning, and its embellished. Very in-vogue, flatters any body type. It can hug ur curves (if u have them) or create curves (if u dont).

  12. Ooooh yeah !! Love this AMAZING jacket and a good reason for win this one is that it's my birthday on the 14th december and it'll be a really great great gift !! So fingers crossed !!


  13. I've been on the search for a new leather jacket! what a great giveaway! I want/love/need this jacket! :) Thanks B&R! <3

  14. I would LOVE, I dearly NEED, and I desperately WANT this Amen leather jacket. Why? Because it feels like me. I know I'll feel like a rock star in it. Period.

    (I don't have twitter but I've done everything else! I hope I get picked! Belles and Rebelles rocks!)

  15. I would really win the Amen leather jacket because I've always desidered it since the first moment I've seen it!!! :D The problem is that it is too expensive for my budget, so would be fantastic if I win it!! And if this happened I would keep it very carefully, I promise! :)

    My e-mail address is:

  16. WOW
    This is like THE giveaway!
    the best I've seen so far :)
    Seriously,when I see you with that gorgeous jacket I can't help but dream what it would be to have it,to wear it....It would make the perfect outfit and it would pair well with so many things!But I can't actually afford it so I'll keep my fingers crossed 'till this giveaway ends and I'll hope I will be the luckiest girl a.k.a. the BIG winner!
    Lots of love xx

  17. Great giveaway you look awesome in this jacket loving the shoulder detail xoxo

  18. Lovely jacket, love your hair too!

  19. yes.
    everything is done. Now the last thing: please. pretty please. let me win this one:)

  20. Did # 1 and #3! I would wear that jacket with something super girlie to spice myself up!

  21. Heart that leather jacket! Been looking for a jacket and this one is perfectly caught my eyes! It would be awesome to wear that with my wardrobe. Thanks for the giveaway B&R! Let me be the lucky one! Fingers crossed*

  22. I love this jacket the detailing in the shoulder and the middle arms!! I want this leather jacket because??? I love styling leather jacket on my daily outfit and done with all the requirement

  23. #1 DONE
    #2 DONE
    #5 i could really use this jacket because i've been looking for one that fits me well forever! :)


  24. Love this jacket and you! Can't wait to see you soon! <3 xoxox

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  26. wow! you look like a secret agent :) love the jacket wish to have one too. :)
    Good luck to all who participating the giveaway from M :)

    have a nice day sexy :)

  27. amazing jacket!you look so great in it:)

    check out my blog for December issue featuring Salvatore Ferragamo items!
    (to those of you who haven't visited my blog yet, please follow my blog and/or twitter @divalicious_m thanks!)

  28. oh wow such a great giveaway thanks for sharing xxx

  29. The jacket is simply awesome! I'd like to win it because I really need a leather's missing in my wardrobe! thanks a lot!

  30. I love this jacket!!it's so rock !!!
    Sonia Santamaria

  31. This Amen jacket is AMAZING! It's very very ROCK! :P

  32. jacket is AMAHHHZINGG!!! LOV IT!

    thanks so much for commenting on my blog.

    keep in touch.xx

  33. I love the jacket and need it so bad because i'm in need of a leather jacket and this one is amazing!! It's just the perfect jacket, I need it in my life!!

  34. I like it but expecially... I need it!!! kiss kiss, martina

  35. I'm crazy for leather jackets!! and this is surely in my wishlist!!!!
    huge giveaway! thx <3

    facebook: cristina fina

  36. I love is absolute amazing...

  37. I want win this jacket because it's wonderful!!

  38. è un piacere guardarla non immagino indossarla!!
    superlativa, non aggiungo altro!!!

    facebook: anna cleo

  39. I can already see me on the mirror wearing the Amen Leather Jacket!! It is simply perfect!

  40. Love the Amen Leathe Jacket! Why should I win? Beacuse I'm alreay belle, now with it I could be...belle and rebelle :)


  42. done everything!!!WOW,i love it and, of corse, i need it :)!! i hope to win because i will be wonderfull with it! ;) hug!
    Let me be the lucky one!

  43. HI!!!
    I'm a new follower!!!
    I'd like to win it because it's so bad girl!!!



  44. I'm a new follower!!
    I would like to win this jacket becaise it's so rockaholic.... just like me!!
    I've done everything but twitter, because I don't use it!

  45. nuova follower. iscirtta alla newsletter,ti seguo sia su fb che su twitter(samantha dalmasso) e ho commentato su fb e ora lo faccio qui!

    la amen leather jacket mi piace molto. vorrei vincerla in modo da dare un tocco rock al mio abbigliamento!

  46. Want it, need it, have to win it!

  47. Ok, I'll try to write in English, I'm Italian so I'm not so good.

    I really would like to win this giveaway.

    G reat
    I ndispensable
    V enerable
    E xciting
    A wesome
    W onderful
    A dorable
    Y outhful

    These are all the adjectives that I attribute to this wonderful jacket!

    I hope it is enough cause it's adorable!
    Tina Pour

  48. wow!!!!!!! that jacket is amazing! i love it...


  49. I have signed up for their newsletter!

    fjthoma (at) hotmail (dot) com

  50. I would love this leather jacket, because it's kinda not my style but it couldn't hurt my wardrobe one bit. I like to think outside my zone. Thanks for the chance.

    fjthoma (at) hotmail (dot) com

  51. Simple but shiny, humble but fabulous, comfortable but it creates an impact in people.
    This jacket is made for stunning. It is really sexy, chic and adventurous. Made for girl who really likes to create an edgy look to her wardrobe.
    AMEN jacket will compliment every single outfit and styles for this season's looks. Gosh I already have outfits planned! I dream about possibility to say " MY VERY FIRST DESIGNER JACKET WAS AMEN's ONE! "
    And i promise i will be so proud to cross polish street's in this jacket on.

    and now i can say "amen" - i did all 5 :)

  52. 1. Have signed up for the newsletter.
    2. Added you both on Twitter (@CKhalaj) and tweeted.
    3. Left a comment on your Facebook fan page (catalina khalaj).
    4. Clicked the "like" button for this post.
    5. I'm leaving a comment here, stating that I would love to have this jacket for its clean, simple, and - at the same time - elegant cut. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.


  53. #1#2#3#4#5 done!!
    Great giveaway!!!I absolutely fell in love with the Amen Leather works with everything!!!xoxo

  54. Hi i'm in!
    i just love the jacket

  55. very beautiful jacket!! it is so cool!

  56. OMG !! It's such a fabulous giveaway !! and i have ever wanted a leather jacket, that's soooo cool ! love it yeah !
    email here

  57. Sign up for L'Inde Store's Newsletter


  58. I WANT this jacket because I've never found the perfect leather jacket, and this is it! I NEED this jacket because every real wardrobe should have a leather jacket, and mine hasn't! I LOVE the details on this jacket, because they make it unique! :)

  59. follower Belles&Rebelles and L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store on Twitter and tweet-


  60. "like" button for this post on FB wall . I am fan


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  62. i am love this gorgeous jacket


  63. Lovely jacket. it is so cool!


  64. I love this jacket!

  65. I love it 'cause I like very much this kind of jackets and I miss it in my closet (a black jacket), so I hope I'll win :)

  66. i like the jacket!!!!!è bellissimaaaaaaaaa

  67. Simply fabulous Amen jacket! I hope I win because I would be really cool!!!

  68. Awww, lovely giveaway! I´d love to win this beautiful jacket because I already have 1001 ideas of styling it :)

    I´ve done the 1,2,3,4 and 5, too :)

    Wish me luck!


  69. gorgeous outfit, love your jacket!


  70. I want this jacket muchly, I need this jacket indefinitely and I will love this Amen Leather Jacket FOREVER <3

    Katie Elizabeth

  71. lovesssss it!!! but i lovessss you more ;) love the detailing on the sleeve!

  72. this is the perfect leather jacket. i need this because its badddd (badd meanignn good!)!

  73. baby I have found your blog and I think it's amazing and your giveaway??what can I say?It's the best giveaway I've ever seen in my live I love this jacket and I can do everything to own it!!it's my dream and I hope you can make it real...I tell you also in italian: LA ADORO!!!!!!! ;D
    devo averla per forza...J'ADORE!!!!!!!thank you, kisses.

    my mail:

    check out my blog babies!!

    I always follow you blog and i like u! ♥
    I hope to win!!! :)

    Mara Cimatoribus

  75. this jacket is stunning with all these rock'n'roll details!I always wanted a leather jacket,so this is a good oppourtunity!
    leather jackets are too expensive for me,so I decided to enter this giveaway to take this chance!
    it's gonna be one of my favourite pieces of this winter I aleady know how to style it!!!!
    So, I'm crossing my fingers!

  76. What an amazing giveaway!!!

    I Want/Need/LOVE this Amen Leather Jacket because it's just amazing, and i'm so in need of it!!!!

    <3 kisses <3
    Giulia Agostinelli

  77. 1) DONE
    2) DONE
    3) DONE
    4) DONE
    5) I need I want I have to have to this jacket just because I adoore AMEN!

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.

  79. io amoooooooooooo la Amen leather Jacket......mi piacerebbe da morireeeeee,sarebbe un ottimo regalo sotto il mio immenso albero di natale!!!giuro che se la ricevo la metto pure in inverno pieno al gelo e in estate a 40gradi!!prooooomesso!!!la metterei sempre!!! i hope soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! vi invioo anche una poesia che ho fatto in 2 secondi...ahahah amo comporre rime spero vi piaccia:
    ecco una poesia,
    spero che vi piaccia,
    Io Amo questa giacca,
    spero mi abbellisca,
    essendo di amen,
    potrei farci anche lo stuntman,
    è di pelle morbida,
    e per niente acida,
    vorrei trovarla sotto l'albero di natale,
    e metterla anche a carnevale,
    non prendetemi per anormale...anzi regalatemela per indossarla in maniera annuale :D uahahahh sto morendo dal ridere sola ahahahahahah bacinoooooo

  80. Hello, I just couldn't help myself from entering this giveaway! I understand the marketing goals of a giveaway, so i completed all the 5 steps.
    I have already signed up for the newsletter. I've also added you and L'inde Le Palais on twitter and tweeted about my obsession for Amen :). I left two comments on your post on facebook and "liked" it :)
    Aaaaaand, of course, I am a fan of both on facebook.
    You can find me on twitter, I'm dejaneirak; on facebook I am Delia Cuibar; my email adress is marry_me_brasil(at)
    Now, about the main concern: I love handmade textiles and, in Amen's case, I can definitely say they craft amazing items. I've also noticed and an attention to details that I have rarely seen (that's also because I don't usually come across high quality garments). The jacket is just perfect, as I said. The embelishment is beautiful and well thought-of :) I've never had a leather jacket and that's because I never found the perfect one for me (and if I had, I probably couldn't afford it:)

  81. I would like very much to win this gorgeous jacket because I would like to receive it as a gift for my birthday .. which will be December 10! I really want to win, so it would be the perfect gift! Thanks for this opportunity!
    Hope to win!!!!!
    Lucilla Di Paolo

  82. wow, wow, wow
    I would like to win this jacket because the details are stunning and it would be my first real leather jacket! Thanks for this giveaway!!

    also, thanks for your comment :)

  83. So I did everything other than the twitter thing but thats only because i'm not on twitter. i know, what a loser.
    Its actually beautiful.
    It is SO pretty.
    It would be, like, my first and forever only leather jacket.
    and its pretttttttty.
    and it's leather.
    have i mentioned how pretty it is?
    if i dont win.
    i may actually cry.
    well i probably wont.
    but still.

  84. i love this jacket!!! it's incredible and wonderfull!

  85. ci provo sempre!!!!!!!!!e stavolta la giacca è super!!!!! fatemi vincere almeno 1 volta!

  86. Have completed all the steps!

    I want/love/need this leather jacket. It would make the best Christmas present and make some much needed rebel chic to my wardrobe. I bet it smells divine! I am on the only weirdo that sniffs leather?

  87. I WANT & NEED this jacket for my wife. She'd LOVE me if I won this for her.

  88. I love the jacket and wants/needs to see it hanging in my closet! xo

  89. Anything a girl needs now is a great leather jacket! I havent bought one in ages and I would love to have it!:)
    Mira Gyuleva
    fb; Mira Gyuleva
    twitter: MiraVG

  90. I've done the first four, and now I'm finishing what I've started!
    A girl never says no to an AMEN leather jacket!
    That jacket makes you look like a rockstar, feel like a rockstar, act like a rockstar. It makes you a rockstar! That's why I love it and want it soo bad!
    Thank you doll, lotsa luv.

    name: Reni Gergely

  91. OMG I would so love to win this AMAZING leather jacket!

  92. I love it!!!!!!I hope I'll win....
    great giveaway...AMEN jacket!!!!wow....
    cross my fingers!!!

    Vasia Giannakoulia (fb)

  93. I'd die fot it!!!:))

    Živilė Živiliukas (FB)

  94. I want this jacket... :3
    It's a dream, a beautiful dreeeeam!

  95. I love this jacket, it's so beautiful! I want it!! :)

    facebook profile: carolina petrucco

  96. I really hope to win this jacket. It's a perfect-cool gift for Christmas. ;)

    F.B. profile: Monica Guglielminetti

  97. Simple but shiny, humble but fabulous, comfortable but it creates an impact in people.
    This jacket is made for stunning. It is really sexy, chic and adventurous. Made for girl who really likes to create an edgy look to her wardrobe.
    AMEN jacket will compliment every single outfit and styles for this season's looks. Gosh I already have outfits planned! I dream about possibility to say " MY VERY FIRST DESIGNER JACKET WAS AMEN's ONE! "
    And i promise i will be so proud to cross Polish street's in this jacket on.

    and now i can say "amen" - i did all 5 :)

    I forgot to write my email adress

    Gabriela Zienko

  98. Questa giacca è semplicemente bellissima! Io sono fissata per le giacche di pelle in questo stile!
    Non ho twitter purtroppo, ma ho condiviso su facebook e fatto (spero!) tutto il resto. Spero di poter entrare lo stesso nel giveaway. Grazie mille :)
    su FB Lisa Lisashoes

  99. beautiful jacket!!!

  100. Dear Megan !

    I write this letter, because you can come true my dream,
    When she will be opening her wardrobe I would love to be in,
    I would like to go to Monica’s house,
    Own all to her, it would be so nice,
    I know her very well,
    I know that her home it’s the best place to stay,
    She would take care about me,
    Sometimes I will be in her wardrobe, but sometimes she would make me free,
    I would meet new friend – her old coat, now out of trend,
    Now.. I will tell you why me would be best roommate,
    Please, I want to go to her home, I don't want to wait,
    She loves me because I'm leather made,
    I'm so cute, with embroidery details, with amazing shape,
    Black, amazing and hot,
    She must have me, don't say not,
    I would be the one jacked
    And even though I can’t say anything, if I could I would say it :)

    Ms. Leather jacket known also like amazing jacket, the best product made by Amen, the most beautiful leather in whole world or wanting to be Monica's precious, simply jacket:)

    PS from me. That was a letter from the Amen leather jacket, she beg you for allowing her to run to my home, she sent me it by the telepathic way, we would be a couple of friends I could use it instead of my old not-leather, not so beautiful, not even tolerable coat :)

    PS2 today it's my birthday and it was the best fashion gift I could ever recived
    this amazing jacket would be my new roommate,
    I would not go out without her :) please be my birthday Santa Clause

    PS3 pozdrowienia z Polski! :)

  101. Hello. I've checked steps 1, 3 and 4. Sorry but I’m not into tweeting.
    As for the reasons I would want to win…it is very simple. I know others have put it into more beautiful and inspired words, but since I’m not good with that I will just resume it like this: I don’t have a black, cool, rock star material leather jacket and everyone should have one. It is so my style you can even imagine how perfect we are for each other. So make a girl happy and choose me to win it. It will be the best Christmas gift this year.

    XO XO

  102. Omg i HAVE TO HAVE the amen leather jacket ive spent all autumn looking for a killer leather jacket to go with my studded ankleboots and leather look leggings to really rock it out round the tree this christmas!!!! and its right here on your blog!!! completed all 5 steps and am also tweeting @zoenmya xxxx

  103. 1. I've signed up for L'Inde Store's Newsletter!

  104. 2. I've added Belles&Rebelles and L'Inde Le Palais/L'Inde Store on Twitter (@DolphinV27) and tweeted:!/DolphinV27/status/12397933567676416

  105. 3. Joined you both on facebook! I adore this jacket. Leather is super hot, it makes you look edgy and stylish at once!

  106. 5. I want/need this jacket becuase its freezing where I live but it's also really trendy (NYC). I want to stay warm and accessorize with style...leather is so expensive, it's hard for me to own anything real. This would be a God-send!

    Thanks so much!

  107. Done all 5, following @sidshane
    I would love this cool trendy Jacket, so different and stylish from the regular leather jackets. A touch of class without going over the top

  108. I.m added to your newsletter.
    I've liked your Facebook page and L'Inde Le Palais on Facebook.
    I am commenting here but I don't do Twitter

    Please give me the jacket, it's the best leather jacket I've seen this season, the details are fab

  109. Hi!!!
    Done all 5 points ^_^

    And of course, I absolutely want to win this gorgeous AMEN leather jacket because it's a MUST-HAVE & the KEY to an awesome outfit!

    I would proudly wear the AMEN jacket along with a BELLE & REBELLE attitude <3

    I love your blog and I wish you a lot of success!


  110. This is the best giveawy you are so right. I want that jacket its just perfect, I would feel so very special wrapped inside it.
    I would do a lot more than I have had to but I have covered all the requirements.
    Tweeted signed newsletter, already following and liked the page and post. Phew so worth it.
    Jo Bryan Facebook and newsletter.

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. 1. Done! (
    2. Done! Username getpalmd
    3. Liked both! Sara N. on Facebook, badge in my blog's sidebar
    4. Done! Hope it was the right post.

    If you lose something special, don't worry at all
    sure your heart might break and tears will fall
    but small nice things will get you back on track again
    in my case it might start with a leathery heavenly AMEN!

  113. I love the jacket and wants to see it hanging in my closet! ♥
    it's rock&chic!

  114. The shoulder details on this jacket are divine! Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. I'm reposting this from FB because I'm lazy: So my reason for wanting the jacket. Yes, it is extremely HOT (on you)...and yes, it is a gorgeous quality looking leather jacket with ridiculously unique detailing...but alas, it would look terrible on me. It probably wouldn't fit either. I want this jacket because I am smitten by a beautiful, beautiful woman who has ...a deeply philanthropic soul. Always giving to others, esp during the holiday season, and rarely getting "me" time...this jacket would look extremely HOT on her, and I could wear my dude leather jacket out when I take her out on the town. I want it to give it to a goddess who deserves it!

  116. At the and who won this giveaway???

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    Smith Alan

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