Wednesday, July 14, 2010

L'Inde Le Palais & L'Inde Store Feature Interview

As L'Inde Le Palais is located in the center of Bologna, Italy, I was wayyyyyy surprised to receive an e-mail requesting an interview with them. The concept store is crazy famous in Italy as the spot for exclusive designer pieces as well as fashion-related items that you can't find anywhere else (can't tell you just what, you're going to have to check them out to find out for yourself!). And just check out their space in the pictures below! I am absolutely dyyyying to get there. So unique and innovative, the shop totally looks like an art-meets-fashion museum of some sort! I have yet to stumble upon a place like this in NYC!

Jato Group is the genius behind L'Inde Le Palais. With its roots as a textile engineering company, Jato reached the top of the fashion world through the creation of luxury embroidering, precious facing, and accessories for hot couture brands. The group currently produces the entire, yes entire, collections for both Givenchy (like the dress from my recent post, here) and Lanvin. Headed by the world renowned Georgia Rapezzi, whom 15 other designers also currently refer to, the company has flourished and even boasts its own, CRAAAAZY SICK line, AMEN.

So basically, it is safe to say that I was completely honored to be chosen as their first overseas blogger to be featured on their recently launched website! The site, named L'Inde Store-which you can access here, serves as the concept store's e-commerce channel..In other words, the most perfect place for ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! I mean come on, Italian fashion mixed with a great sense of style and taste for the arts? This is definitely my kind of shopping! And be sure to check out their feature on Belles & Rebelles, plus my interview, here!

Big "Thank you!" to Anna over at L'Inde Le Palais for such a fun and creative interview. Thanks for making this all happen!
Plus look below to see a piece from my feature and some of my very favorite Fall 2010 fashion picks, all of which you can find at the L'Inde Store Website!

What I wore: T-Shirt by Hanes, Hair Piece by Natalie Young of N Young Vision
Photography by Kotaro Ohashi
Hair and Make-up by Natalie Young of N Young Vision

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