Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diary From Miami Fashion Week Swim: Day Two

Day two in Miami was just.wild. Between the celebrity encounters and some beautiful swimwear collections, I was in heaven.
Check out my diary of the day below and go to Future Claw Magazine for more coverage including articles, videos (my video interviews as well as complete videos for every runway show), and pictures for all of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011.

We started the day with a presentation of the White Sands Australia Swimwear line at the Penthouse of the Raleigh Hotel. Leah Madden, the designer, was the tiniest ball of energy who, as an Australian native, displayed a trendy, fashion driven collection. She even admitted to us that even though her line is named "White Sands," she herself prefers to relax by the pool rather than the beach. Go figure!

Interview with Designer Leah Madden of White Sands Australia
More of my favorite looks from the White Sands Australia Swimwear Presentation:


Next we moved over to the Cabana Grande for the Beach Bunny Swimwear show, where we rubbed shoulders with ALL THREE KARDASHIANS backstage, not to mention Selena Gomez, and the Supermodel Angela Chittenden who is the maverick designer behind the Beach Bunny line. For her first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim appearance, she brought us an overtly sexy collection that was clearly inspired by lingerie. With collaborations with the Kardashians as well as Irina Shayk (whom we had interviewed the day before, here), Chittenden has all the tools, not to mention her own brain and body, to set the trends in beachwear. She has already been named the leader in luxury swimwear and definitely knows how to create designs that are totally glamourous. In fact, Beach Bunny represented the most suits in the last issue of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. You know, only the sexiest compilation of models plus swimsuits in one magazine.

The Kardashian Sisters entering the Cabana Grande for the Beach Bunny Swimwear Runway Show
Selena Gomez & Me, Backstage at Beach Bunny Swimwear
Me, Kourtney Kardashian, & Khloe Kardashian, Backstage at Beach Bunny Swimwear
Me & Kim Kardashian, Backstage at Beach Bunny Swimwear
Me & Designer/Supermodel Angela Chittenden

Some of my favorite looks from the Beach Bunny Swimwear Runway Show:


The third show of the day was set on the Pool Deck at the Raleigh Hotel. The outdoor location, under the Miami stars, was perfect for Dolores Cortes' Mercedes Benz Fashion Week debut! Although, it was quite surprising that Ms. Cortes had never shown in the United States before...It was her mother that made the groundbreaking creation of stretch fabric for swimsuits back in the 1950s, no big deal. The mellow show and gorgeous collection was reminiscent of 1970s American vintage. There truly was no better collection for Cortes to bring us in her first American show.

Interview Designer Dolores Cortes

Some of my favorite looks from the Dolores Cortes Swimwear Runway Show:

And now for the men (!!!!!!). The Swell Suits Miami Show compiled three men's collections into one show. Starting with Naila, a brand new line, we met a very eco-friendly designer, Naila Chbib, who stated her love for nature and vows to only produce environmentally responsible swimwear, meaning the materials and process of production are all environmentally approved! And to all my girls that are all about going green, don't worry, Naila also has a women's collection! Olasul was the next collection to make its way down the runway and the designer, Lorenzkorder Fort, channeled the unspoiled virgin coastline of his home country, Peru. This collection was made for real surfers! The show ended with a bang as Parke + Ronen brought us a super sporty line that was inspired by (American) football! I never thought that it would be possible for me to be distracted from the male models, but Parke + Ronen, which is a collaboration between two designers, Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel, definitely had me paying attention to the suits...Ok...Well, maybe I was paying attention to both...

"Shear Genius" Winner Dee Adams styling the male models, backstage before Swell Suits Miami Show
Designer Naila Chbib of Naila Swimwear, Backstage at Swell Suits Miami
Designer Lorenzkorder Fort of Olasul, Backstage at Swell Suits Miami
Designers Parke Lutter & Ronen Jehzkel of Parke + Ronen, Backstage at Swell Suits Miami

Some of my favorite looks from the Swell Swim Miami Runway Show:
Parke + Ronen


Ed Hardy was by far the craziest show of the night. Staying true to its edgy persona, each suit was young, hip, and often decorated with Hardy's signature tattoo designs. The loud music kept the crowd rowdy and made for a wild time at the Cabana Grande. The party continued backstage where we celebrated the collection with Phoebe Price, Lance Bass, and Cordes Brodis-who walked in the show.

Front Row at Ed Hardy Swimwear Runway Show
Anthony Hayward, Me, & Corde Broadus-who walked in the Ed Hard Show, Backstage
Me & Phoebe Price, Backstage at Ed Hardy
Me & Lance Bass, Backstage at Ed Hardy
Interview with Fawn, the Creative Director behind Ed Hardy Swimwear

Some of my favorite looks from the Ed Hardy Swimwear Runway Show:

The night ended on a more quiet note with Crystal Jin's Summer 2011 Collection. Pulling ideas from the 1970s, Jin's suits seemed so effortlessly chic and luxurious. With NYC's Studio 54 years in the back of her head, her suits certainly had a touch of that glamourous lifestyle. So sexy and so timeless!

Interview with Crystal Jin

Some of my favorites looks from the Crystal Jin Show:

What I wore: Dress by Alice + Olivia, Shoes by YSL, All Jewelry by Anuja Tolia


Official Photos courtesy for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
To see the rest of the collections for each brand, click here.

For more coverage, pictures, and videos from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011, check out Future Claw Magazine here.
Big thanks to my Assistant for the week, Alex Reisner, who is responsible for much of the photography and video! Check out her blog here.
And thanks to Zinnia Mozumder for the picture of "Shear Genius" Winner Dee Adams.



  1. you might hve been the best looking one in all the pics!

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  2. It was an awesome show. Great backstage photos.
    We have some outstanding swimsuits coming up for 2011.

  3. just had a very fast overview to the post cause I really have no time right now but Ill check it again when headed back home.. but.. jeez, Kim Kardashian is such a beauty!I love her!
    And some of these swimsuits are just TDF..
    oh I envy you!
    But you're so great,you deserve every chance you got!

  4. and, dear, I'm in concern I spammed your email much to tell you today!Sorry!:)

  5. Looks like an amazing time was had. I MISS MIAMI :( and you are so cute, definitely the prettiest there.


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