Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cynthia Vincent Holiday 2010 Collection

It really is Christmas in July!...Or, at least it totally feels that way after viewing the Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Holiday 2010 Collection. My last visit to the CV showroom (here) resulted in a complete neeeeeed for soooo many pieces from her Fall Collection, which was definitely my style: completely "rock star" with loads of studs and velvet, velvet, velvet (which, at this point, you've probably read a million times before is my absolute favorite material at the moment). The Holiday Collection is the perfect bridge from the autumn line and embodies all of my favorite aspects from the fall MORE. Easy jersey fabrics, beautifully detailed hammered silk, gorgeous chiffon, in addition to innovative prints, sequins, and stunning jewel details...this collection simply equates to love, love, and more love. And YESSSSS...FINALLY...wait for OVERSIZED VELVET TOP (what I have been searching and searching and searching and searching for!!!!). Sooooooo many great party outfits for the holiday season! And being that the holidays are all about the parties, isn't that all we need?!

Thanks, as always, to Angie over at the Cynthia Vincent showroom for showing me the collection and getting me a copy of the Look Book! Check out some of my favorites below (starting with that oversized velvet top that I've been after for so long!):

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  1. i love that black and white tank top close to the top of the page...gorgeous