Friday, July 30, 2010

Barlow Holiday 2010 Collection

"Christmas in July" is not even close to being enough in this case. What I am about to show you...I want now. Last month I professed my love for the brand Barlow (see that here), and now I am more than positive that I can confirm an undying obsession and an immediate need for, once again, this brand's entire collection. Their Holiday 2010 Collection, which is only their third collection ever produced, is just as catastrophic and wildly fun as their Fall 2010 line. Mary Girard Coonan and Alice Barlow clearly, clearly, clearlyyyy have two of the most creative minds I have ever seen when it comes to fashion design. Again, it is humor, mockery, and the idea of turning the classics upside-down that played large roles in the creation of their clothing. Robotic prints, an array of textures, as well as crazy-shaped garments all verify a true sense of authenticity and innovation. By channelling the early 80s movie Tron, as well as Mad Max, the late 70s flick from (then little known) Mel Gibson, they prove to be ahead of the curve as it was just released that Disney has created a Tron remake and that the fourth installment to the Mad Max series is currently in production (set for a 2011 release)! Tron:Legacy will hit theaters on December 17, 2010 and the Barlow Holiday 2010 Collection will hit the market just in time for the premier. All proof that this holiday season will be OUT.OF.CONTROL.

Thank you, as always, to Angie over at the showroom for showing me the collection and giving me the Holiday 2010 Look Book!
Check out my favorite pages from the look book below:

To learn more and see more Barlow, click here.



  1. ohhh all of the warm knits look so amazing right now

  2. Wow, I am LOVING those knits!


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments <333

  4. Love the pics! The make up s really funky!