Monday, March 12, 2018

Wholesale Air Track

While my sister was traveling abroad, in New Zealand, she mentioned to me that she had rolled down a hill in a large ball. Pretty much exactly how she put it to me. She said it was a lot of fun. I was very curious to know more! A large ball? "Almost like a hampster on a wheel," is what she told me. Maybe there is even a parallel to a "bounce house," if you are trying to imagine these balls. They are, like a bounce house, inflatable!How funny! How silly! How fun! How great! I have never witnessed anyone roll down in a big ball, but I can say that I have see these "big balls" in the water at resorts and such. Like large beach balls you can go inside of! I still have yet to try and go into one of these balls myself, but it is something I may like to do in the future. What a great time it must be! I recently discovered WholesaleZorb. It is a whole website dedicated to these crazy, large "balls!" When researching on this site, I learned that the better word to use, as opposed to "ball" is "bubble." The site offers great quality bubbles, as many products of this same concept are poorly made and can wear over time. Wholesale Zorb's bubbles are proven to be more durable and last longer than other bubbles on the market! Now, bubbles are not the only inflatable items that are hot right now! Air Tracks are the newest rage, too! Now, Many of the same customers that enjoy the bubbles are also really going to like Air Tracks!  Air Track Zone is another website that offers inflatable goodness! They boast their own air track factory. With their ability to manufacture their own product, they are able to control the quality of the air tracks. As you can imagine this is very important for safety reasons. The material used is TPU, as opposed to PVC. This material is much, much more durable, thicker and more wear resistant, which in turn means your track will have a longer life. Another great fact about this material is that it is eco-friendly. The mats are meant to be jumped on, run on and to do gymnastics and such upon, so safety must come first! Now, while rolling down a hill, as my sister once did in an inflatable bubble, think of how much fun it is to tumble and play on one of the inflatable tracks! There are all sorts of games to be played with the extremely large mats.They are great for big events but also offer all sizes so that you can have your own air tumble track from home. As mentioned above, there are a lot of size options too. Great for parties for sure and we can already sense a new social media frenzy. They photograph great and can enhance any event both in term of the fun they offer as well as their ability to be photogenic.They accept credit card and PayPal payments. Their website is very easy to use, navigate and figure out to ensure you receive the "best track for you!" Wholesaleairtrack has a great track record  and is great at delivering supreme service to their customers. They are known in    the industry for their professionalism and are good at building relationships with customers to ensure that they have long standing and repeat customers.Overall, this is a very fun product to own! Forget the trendy floats that you see at many -a- poolside, these bubbles and tracks are the new inflatables in town. Move over giant donuts, you will have much more fun sitting in a bubble, and way more fun hopping and tumbling around on a track! Plus, you have more options to do more active things with these products.There will never be a dull moment with any of these inflatables!

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