Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ronnie Coleman The King

This weekend, The Generation Iron Fitness Network and Vladar Company release a feature length documentary Body Building's Ronnie Coleman, arguably the most iconic athlete ever to emerge from the sport to date. Ronnie Coleman The King follows Coleman on his most current journey through surgery and recovery, providing flashback footage from competitions and testimonies from the other greats of the sport. As Coleman seeks to continue to correct his major injuries and to compete again, the audience is treated to rare peek into his personal life. Heartwarming and a testament to what hard work can bring you, Coleman is depicted as a determined, humane person, one that so happens to own 8 Mr Olymia titles.     

Ronnie Coleman The King premiers June 22 in  limited release.
To view the trailer for this film, click here.
Big Thanks to Annie over at Cinematic Red for allowing us to screen this film and for making this feature possible!


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