Friday, June 1, 2018

SB Backpack


Protect yourself and your belongings. The SB Backpack is your answer to all of your prayers.  Whether it be an active shooter or weather elements, this pack will have you covered, and in a most discreet way. Unique in the fact that these bags are entirely functional. bulletproof, waterproof and embody multiple inconspicuous anti-theft features (they are even awaiting approval for a Non-Provisional Patent from the USPO)  plus are totally stylish in  their minimalistic design. Made with the highest quality materials, yet still able to maintain an obtainable, affordable price, these bags are made for everyone and every budget. Whether traveling, headed to school or headed to the workplace, SB Packs can transition to be used no matter your age or situation. Sign up today to join their exclusive mailing list to be notified about the upcoming launch of their crowdfunding campaign launching, not to mention be entitled to take advantage of an Early Bird Special and be the first to sport these groundbreaking backpacks.  

To learn more, see more and to purchase a SB Backpack, click here.
Big Thanks to SB Backpack Founder Roberto Navarro for making this feature possible!


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