Thursday, March 19, 2020

Bucket Hat

The 1990s are back and in a new and (hopefully) improved way! Besides the reboots of all of the tv shows, you can find many of the coolest '90s fashions on the streets. One of those fashions happens to be the bucket hat. Hats are always an excellent way to "jazz-up" a look. 
As a big supporter and wearer of hats, it is always a trend that we recommend looking out for. The bucket hat has most likely been revamped from the 90s and is proving to be stylish in  this day and age.Fashion and function certainly collide when it comes to the bucket hat. They are an excellent accessory to keep your face shielded from the sun. 
With so many options of bucket hats on the market, one brand to look out for comes from the trendy shopping website, YesBabyOnline. There, you will find an excellent variety of fashions that are on - point when it comes to trends. It is no wonder that this website is a shopping destination for many famous bloggers and instagram stars. And of course this website would offer some of the hippest bucket hats around. From cute to very "of this day and age" (aka Corona Virus!), you can even find a bucket hat with a front face shield. This can help keep other people's saliva from reaching your face, and once this pandemic has come to an end, will be just as functional when it comes to keeping pollen, dust and other particles away from your face!  

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