Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Subway Girl

Quarantine blues? Rain or shine, we are stuck inside, but this proves to be the most perfect time to sit back, relax and read. Thankfully, Lisa Becker has pre-released her latest book. Set to be released to the general public on July 14, Becker invites you to read her latest piece of fiction before it's "official" drop. Perfect timing for the times we are in! The Subway Girl is an easy, fun read, perfect for any day you're stuck indoors. Becker, a long time favorite writer, once again creates an adorable love novel that will even have you wishing you could jump on good old public transportation again. A "Missed Connection" story where lives intersect and paths cross, much like the maps of the New York subways, this book will have you relating to its cast of characters while also fantasizing about the romance to be found whether you're traveling uptown or down.

To learn more, see more and to purchase this book before its general release on July 14, click here.
Big Thanks to Author Lisa Becker herself for making this feature possible!


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