Friday, May 14, 2010

Beauty & the Stylist Beasts

Question: What do you get when you put together a gorgeous model, an accomplished photographer, and a crazy group of creative stylist?
Answer: One awesome shoot.

I spent allllllll of last weekend indoors organizing a test shoot with a great team of stylists. The hard work, set in a prrrrreettttty gross and humid bathroom, certainly paid off!

Photos courtesy of ©Emmanuel Faure Photography 2010

Model: Michelle Berman
Hair and Make-up: Marc
Photographer: Emmanuel Faure
Stylist Team: Megan Averbuch, Nicole Berbenena, Ashley Bridgefarmer, Julia Dinardo, Na Ji, Bridget Kaufman, Dina Rudman, Yoko Takashima, Monia Taylor

We had a ton of fun and, I must say, we came away with some amazing tearsheets. Thanks to all that were involved! Check out some behind the scenes pictures below:

For more on Emmanuel Faure Photography, click here
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