Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike&Chris Fall 2010 Collection

While at the Cynthia Vincent Showroom last month, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only was the designer line Mike&Chris going to release a Fall 2010 collection after taking a short hiatus, but they also shared the same showroom as CV. This made it superrrrrr easy for me to get a first glimpse of their comeback collection!!!!

The collection is allllll about comfort. Mike&Chris is another casual-but-so-chic line that can certainly be tagged as a lifestyle brand! By mixing medias, such as high quality leather combined with more simple cottons and sweats(!!!-my style to a T), they have given us some pretty rad pieces! I've always been a fan of their leather jackets, and this fall's collection did not disappoint. I was totally digging one of their grey biker jackets. The color was peerrrrrr-fec-tttttion, completely unique, and the leather...softer than soft. (See pictures below. A very similar jacket will also be available for purchase in an equally as soft cotton/sweatpants material.) But...I KNOWWWWW...that I MUST, MUST, MUST have one of the combo jackets. Leather plus sweats...and all in one!? Totallllllly my thing. No question about it!

Thanks again to Angie for showing me around the showroom and giving me the Fall 2010 Look Book! I've included some of my favorite looks below.
And wait, did I mention how much I loveeee hoods?! Lots of hooded pieces coming our way this fall!

For more information and to shop for Mike&Chris, click here
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