Friday, September 15, 2017

Aponi BioBotanica Pure Hemp Extract Balms and Elixirs

With their youngest customer at 3 months old, Aponi is a more than safe, all-natural brand that proves to be an incredible soother for chronic aches, pains and discomforts. A pea sized amount of Aponi's balm is all you'll need to instantly tame any pain from injury, headache, cramp, burn or soreness and inflammations in joints and muscles. An excellent all-natural alternative to over-the-counter creams, Aponi boasts fresh scents, plus 0% THC, leaving professional athletes and the likes at ease should they be confronted with a drug test. Developed with high quality Hemp extracts and deep-penetrating  EFA-Rich EMU Oil, every Aponi product is gentle enough for infants, yet still holds extreme medicinal values for adults. 

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Big Thanks to Beth and Megan at Aponi for making this feature possible!
Big Thanks to the team at 3d PR & Marketing for introducing us to this brand!



  1. If you want effective (and affordable) hemp cream try the Nobutany hemp cream, i use it for my skin and it clears it up like a pro

  2. Got the Nobutany hemp cream me and my biking buddies use it to heal the muscles and loosen up in the wild haha , it’s a great product and lasts long