Friday, September 8, 2017

Gorgeous Church Outfits For Ladies

A visit to a church is a special and very important event for me. So if you're anything like me, you also spend a lot of time choosing the appropriate outfit for church attendance and, of course, enjoy prepping for the meeting with the Lord.

Being a good Catholic I visit the church almost every Sunday I try to plan ahead what I`ll wear. The primary principle of my church outfit is to be stunning and trendy but at the same time follow a church dress code. You also may argue with me that you can wear to church what you want and what you like as the Lord likes you not for your clothes. And that's really true the Lord doesn't care your look He`s interested in your inner world, your moral values and principles. But we all know about unwritten church rules about how we have to dress for a church.

By the way, some of you may say that the house of faith isn't a place where you have to think about fashion but I totally disagree with this thought! I think that everyone can find such church outfit that will look stylish and modest to reflect your respect to faith and at the same time to show your superb taste.

So I`d like to prove my opinion and present you now fabulous and cute outfits for church like here and real ladies as I figure that in the church we can and have to look the best! (Besides, for visiting the church is a nice reason to buy yourself something new).

Artistic Fashion Inspiration For Church: As for me, this outfit perfectly fits for a church. At first sight, it may seem a little conservative. Yes, maybe! But the church demands from us to be conservative (even a little bit!).  The black-white dress, black tights and black shoes… But here we can notice a lot of small but very interesting details that make this outfit artsy – a cute belt that stresses waistline, a beige-coral handbag with a golden buckle and a wonderful bracelet.

If we look more closely at this image we`ll see that this midi dress isn't so classic. The bottom half of this dress looks as a picture made in a black-and-white style! Black trees without leaves and stars on the white background – I really love this powerful nature outfit.

Dressy Idea To Wear In Church: Oh, pencil skirts! I adore them so much! Just make sure that your skirt isn't too tight when you decide to visit a church.

I hope you`ll agree with me that this black pencil skirt (be sure that your skirt isn`t so short for a church) is also a win-win choice for visiting a holy place. The leather black-blue jacket and black-green handbag add colors to the look. Besides, you can fit any top with this universal skirt.

Church Outfit For Moderate Look: This truly ageless look is not only classy but also comfortable and humble. The gray skirt with pleats and the light blue denim shirt create a calm look. I also like the brown belt that emphasizes waistline. But the thing that really attracts our attention is a cardigan – it is great! Gray-beige with four pockets and golden buttons such a cool cardigan matches perfectly with gray shoes.

And pearls… What else be more feminine and modest than pearls!

Casual Church Outfit: If you're more of a pair of pretty pants or jeans I`ll understand you perfectly. Of course, both jeans and pants we mostly associate with casual occasions but you can choose them also for visiting a church. All you need is to add a few fashion strokes to your look to be unique and chic.

Classic blue jeans (the main thing here is not to wear too tight or torn jeans) with a white top (of course, without a low neckline) fit well a gray cardigan and suede ankle boots of the same color. A lovely scarf and elegant watch completes the look and makes it diverse. For example, when you have some plans after the church attendance (shopping or a date) such outfit is the best choice for you.

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