Monday, September 25, 2017

Cha-Cha Chic


Cha-Cha Chic is Va-Va Vroom. Each piece is so vibrant and so full of a life of it's own. It is impossible to not smile whether you're wearing Cha-Cha Chic or see it on the street. Colorful prints and sparkling embellishments add flair to your life. Each design has a story all its own and a positive message to boot. Fun, funky and flat out fabulous.

To learn more, see more and to shop for Cha-Cha Chic clothing, click here.
Big Thanks to Cha-Cha Chic Founder and Creative Director, Cathy, for making this feature possible!
Big Thanks to the team a3d PR & Marketing for introducing us to this brand!


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