Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alaskan Summer

What I wore: Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Moccasins by Minnetonka, Hat purchased at National Jean Company, Sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana, Bracelet (Headband) by H&M, Ring purchased at boutique in NYC
Damage done at Aritzia in Vancouver, BC
Streets of Vancouver, BC
Float Plane in Ketchikan, Alaska
What I wore: Top by Wilfred, Shorts by Wilfred , Boots by Kowalski, Bag by Marc by Marc Jacob, Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton, Bracelets purchased in boutiques in Alaska
Smoked Salmon in the Salmon Capital: Ketchikan, Alaska
Dungeness Crab at the Crab Captial: Icy Straight Point/Hoonah, Alaska
Alaskan Husky Puppies in Skagway, Alaska
What I wore: Top by Wilfred, Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Boots by Manitobah, Bag/Necklace by Worthis, Hat/Necklace purchased in boutiques in Alasaka
Hubbard Glacier
Oomingmak Qiviut Shop in Anchorage, Alaska
What I wore: Bathing Suit by Mara Hoffman, Boots by Manitobah, Hat/Necklace/Bracelet purchased in boutiques in Alaska

Fashion Photography by Mary Wayman

Back in June, I spent about ten days exploring numerous cities in Alaska as well as parts of Canada. Between discovering Aritzia in Vancouver, BC and all of the amazing Alaskan boutiques filled with authentic, handmade Native American and Alaskan art and fashion, I was able to bring back some prettttty fantastic souvenirs. Plus, I experienced the great outdoors like I never had before. It was definitely a trip that I recommend taking once in your lifetime.



  1. well He might have found his new favorite blogger...if we werent sure before He can confirm it for sure, your are beautiful, ridiculously amazing body!! the style is this post

    -HE approves

  2. Geez.. HE is right!You're stunning! Love the Minnetonka and the Wilfred shorts, a lot!
    Everything is HYPED!

    (hey this is A. from lindestore, did you spot me? I started blogging! Sorry if I confused you, thought you would have recognize my nick name!!)

  3. Oh and I do love the blue make up on you!I'll have to try on me too cause we have the same skin type and colours!
    -more or less-
    Today Im gonna style my very first shooting!!I'm so excited.. If everything will be alright, I'll just have to thank you and your helpfull advices!!
    Love xx

  4. wow, so much here! you look gorgeous and these pictures are so great!!