Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kelly Locke Resort 2011 Collection

For his first full range collection, Kelly Locke brings us a unique and luxurioius handbag line. To evoke interest without begging for attention, Locke uses only the most exotic skins to present a sophistication that is rarely seen on the market today. By avoiding the "common cow," he lets the materials speak for themselves, each of which has markedly interesting texture and range from crocodile to anaconda to lizard to lambskin and even the extremely hard to find python skin. Locke's attention to detail is marvelous. Whether it be specifically treating each skin to give them that "worn in," soft, and distressed look, or his intricate, carved hardware which is of silver or petrified wood, each piece is truly striking. They seem to provide a sense of that "Old Hollywood," high-quality, vintage appeal. Still, to create some edge, he references the "rough-and-tough" 1950s and names architecture as a main inspiration for his structured beauties. Covered studs also add attitude and even a selection of iPad cases further modernize the collection. Each bag embodies an iconic characteristic, is timeless, and will last you a lifetime. A very rare collection of true modern glamour and absolute luxury.

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Big thanks to Angie Niles and Lauren Stillman of LSPR for allowing me to preview this collection! To learn more and to contact LSPR, click here.