Monday, August 16, 2010

Never Fully Dressed

Who cares what they're wearing/On Main Street/Or Saville Row/It's what you wear from ear to ear/And not from head to toe/That matters/So, Senator/So, Janitor/So long for a while/Remember/You're never fully dressed/
Without a smile

This picture was one of the outtakes from this photo shoot that took place back in May. I am a true believer that your smile is your very best accessory.

Photography by Jacqeline Iannacone Photography
Make-Up by Rashad Taylor
Styling/Modeling by Megan Averbuch
Check out Jaqueline Iannacone Photography here.



  1. so true :) that's a great pic!

  2. That is so true... a smile is a must have accessory!

  3. beautiful smile!!
    xoxo darling

  4. Who cares what they're wearing
    On Main Street,
    Or Saville Row,
    It's what you wear from ear to ear
    And not from head to toe
    (That matters)

    Having a sister i am alll to familiar with this song. But i agree !