Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barlow Resort 2010 Collection

By now you are probably welllllll aware of my love and obsession with the clothing line, Barlow (also seen here and here). However, you cannot even begin to image how crazy excited I was when one of the designers, Alice Barlow (I mean, the brand in named after her!!), contacted me and offered to personally introduce me to their Resort 2010 Collection. Once again, the collection did NOT disappoint. With the idea of protection and military gear in mind, the line embodied a muted color palette of grays, whites, and greens, and also directly referenced the tools of protection with pieces that closely resembled leather gun holder vests and details such as bullet and ID holders. A print that could only be described as an "Atom Bomb" appeared on numerous tops, and the animal with the best and most ultimate protection gear, the DINOSAUR (!!!), made its way onto some knits and even became the inspiration behind a whole new t-shirt line. Named after Ms. Barlow's 5th Grade handwriting project about the "Barlowsaurus," the super soft t-shirts will be available in conjunction with the this collection. As a resort line is meant to serve transitionally, the line related to both the Fall/Winter and Holiday 2010 collections with it's apocalyptic feel and references to 1980s and 1990s cult movies. Still, it moved us further into spring with creations that could be worn and draped multiple ways, plus more raw edges and tons of fun, asymmetrical pieces. As a dichotomy of tomboy and oversized-comfort mixed with a sense of quite the opposite-girly, sexy, trendy-the Resort 2011 Collection just might be Ms. Barlow and her design partner Ms. Molly Girard Coonan's best yet! I can only say that Barlow just keeps on getting better and better and better and better.

"ID Holder" Pocket Top
"Atom Bomb" Sweater, and "Bullet Holder" Pocket Tee
Alice Barlow's 5th Grade Handwriting Project of the "Barlowsaurus "
Barlowsaurus T-Shirt Collection
Alice Barlow & Me
What I wore: Top by Torn by Ronny Kobo, Maxi Skirt by Emma&Sam, Shoes by Cynthia Vincent, Bracelets by Noir and House of Harlow, Neckalce (worn as sash) by ByLaShan

HUGE thank you to Alice for meeting with me, showing me the collection, and for sharing the Resort 2010 Look Book, plus her 5th Grade "Barlowsaurus" Project! (AND for gifting me my favorite zip-up sweater, which I tried on/modeled for you here.) Check out some of my favorite pages from the look book below:

To learn more, see more, and to shop for Barlow, click here.



  1. the collection is great, but what is even better is your upper arm bangle...those are really hot

    -He approves


  2. I'm in love with the trousers and the green top with the open back. The look with the blazer is also really nice!


  3. thoooose tee!! amazing!

  4. Um first off your hot!

    Second off so is this line! LOVE IT!

    ps this is Mar xo.

  5. i adore your sense of style - this is how i need to be dressing more like :)