Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kings of Cole Premier Collection Fall 2010

Kings of Cole...It's more like Kings of Sweatpants. Never have I ever felt softer fabric, been more impressed with a fit, or felt a better sense of comfort, fashion, and sophistication with a line of loungewear. OB-SESSSSSED. Anyone who even remotely knows me knows that I am the official sweatpants girl. Wearing a men's hoodie and big, baggy sweatpants is not even close to abnormal for me. So, how perfect is it that Kings of Cole has come along with an entire collection of unisex sweats?
Founded by fellow New Yorker, Elana Brynes, this unique line of luxury casual wear will absolutely take over your everyday wardrobe and can even bring you from day-to-night. Share them with your boyfriend and/or pair them with Louboutins, these sweats are way, way, wayyyyy versatile and totally, totally, totallyyyy fashionable. Minimal design, stunning rose gold hardware details (inspired by the jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), insanely soft material, plus an incredible, tailored fit have proven Kings of Cole to be sexy, desirable, and completely irresistible for both males and females alike. There is no doubt that KOC will be making a huge impact on the Hollywood scene, too. The brand hasn't even made it to stores yet and celebrity fitness guru Tracy Anderson already fully approves! (See her profess her love for Kings of Cole in a video interview here.)
With it's premier collection hitting specialty boutiques September 1, we will see a selection of full-zip and pullover sweatshirts, as well as sweatpants in an array of acid-wash colors. I will be taking one of each, thank you very much.

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