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6126 by Lindsay Lohan Spring/Summer 2011 Handbag Preview

Lindsay Lohan's 6126 Spring/Summer 2011 handbag line debuted at the chic Ace Hotel and company President, Richard Luna, and Creative Director, Paz Wolf, walked me through the charismatic collection. With details chosen by fashionable Ms. Lohan herself, the collection is bound to be a hit. Synthetic, lightweight leathers, including eye-catching snake skins in metallic washes, were eco friendly, and cross body messengers as well as lace, studs, and tassel treatments were up on the trends. With simple branding identifications left to the hardware, the bags were classy and totally appealing to women of all ages.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black (Velvet) Friday

What I wore:
Look One:Velvet Blazer by Funktional, Body Suit by American Apparel, Zoe Boots by Sam Edelman
Look Two: Velvet Long Sleeved Top by Emma & Sam, Sequin Shorts by Top Shot, Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Look Three: Velvet Dress by Emma & Sam, Neclace: Stylist's Own-Purchased in London, UK.

Photography by Naomi Nishi
Styling and Modeling by Megan Averbuch

In honor of Black Friday and my absolutle love for velvet, this photo shoot with photographer Naomi Nishi took on a "black velvet" story.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cherished Feet

In spirit of today's Thanksgiving holiday, as well as the upcoming holiday season, today is dedicated to Cherished Feet. Founded and headed by the well known New York socialite and long-time missionary, Karen Koeningsberg, this non-profit organization focuses on providing impovrished children with their first steps to a brighter future. Parasites can enter the body through bare feet and many children in devloping countries spend their days walking barefoot in unsanitary soils that have become the breeding grounds for bacteria and a variety of lethal organisms. Cherished Feet has made a commitment to make a difference by providing these children, whom range from toddles to those of 18 years in age, with quality shoes. Although this organization is newly established and only a few month old, with friends like fashion designer Richie Rich, and a solid team behind her, Ms. Koeningsberg was able to collect 3,000 shoes in just one weekend. Always one to start her own team, rather than to join one - a trait she inherited from her mother, with whom she has traveled on approximately 30 missions - Koeningsberg will travel to Haiti next month to hand deliver every pair of shoes to children in need. Her determination, motivation and positive energy and attitude are certainly contageous as she embarks on her journey to not only educate and create awareness, but to "live up" to her charity and carry out her missionary duties. Cherished Feet, along with all of those who pitched in and were one of the thousands that donated footwear, have definitely given the world something to be very thankful for.

3,000 Shoes Collected
Karen (center) with the Cherished Feet Team

Stay tuned for more information on how you can help as well as information on the Cherished Feet Gala, taking place in Spring 2011.
To learn more, see more, contact, and to help by getting involved and becomming a part of the Cherished Feet Team, click here.

Now, go enjoy that turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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Wigged Out

What I wore: T-Shirt by Hanes, Lace top-Stylist's Own, Hair Piece/Mustache/Wig by Natalie Young of The N Young Vision
Photography by Kotaro Ohashi
Hair and Make-Up by Natalie Young of The N Young Vision

Make-up and wig artist, Natalie Young, has an innate ability to create a dramatic flair that leaves an everlasting impression. With experience working everywhere from Broadway to Fashion Week to film, editorial, advertising, catalogue, as well as with her own personal and celebrity clientele, this Jamaican born Juilliard grad is one of the most talented veterans in the industry.

Special Thanks to Natalie Young herself. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with you!
To learn more, see more, contact and work with Make-Up/Hair/Wig Artist Natalie Young of The N Young VIsion, click here.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Glamourous Grunge

Proof that Chanel can be worn by anyone, any way, anywhere, anytime.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

French Kiss

The Wildfox Spring 2011 lookbook takes on a French twist with some modern day Marie Antoinettes. J'adore.

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Paparelli Photographs Perfection

Turbans and big fur coats...Two of my most favorite things always.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


LF's Winter 2010 lookbook. Always young, always fun, always cutting edge and always ahead in the trends.

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Positive Negatives

Photography by Khari Shiver

A sneak peek of last week's photo shoot with Khari Shiver. We shot with a Toyo 8X10 Camera on Kodak Tri X 320 Film. Stay tuned for the finished products.


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