Friday, July 30, 2010

Barlow Holiday 2010 Collection

"Christmas in July" is not even close to being enough in this case. What I am about to show you...I want now. Last month I professed my love for the brand Barlow (see that here), and now I am more than positive that I can confirm an undying obsession and an immediate need for, once again, this brand's entire collection. Their Holiday 2010 Collection, which is only their third collection ever produced, is just as catastrophic and wildly fun as their Fall 2010 line. Mary Girard Coonan and Alice Barlow clearly, clearly, clearlyyyy have two of the most creative minds I have ever seen when it comes to fashion design. Again, it is humor, mockery, and the idea of turning the classics upside-down that played large roles in the creation of their clothing. Robotic prints, an array of textures, as well as crazy-shaped garments all verify a true sense of authenticity and innovation. By channelling the early 80s movie Tron, as well as Mad Max, the late 70s flick from (then little known) Mel Gibson, they prove to be ahead of the curve as it was just released that Disney has created a Tron remake and that the fourth installment to the Mad Max series is currently in production (set for a 2011 release)! Tron:Legacy will hit theaters on December 17, 2010 and the Barlow Holiday 2010 Collection will hit the market just in time for the premier. All proof that this holiday season will be OUT.OF.CONTROL.

Thank you, as always, to Angie over at the showroom for showing me the collection and giving me the Holiday 2010 Look Book!
Check out my favorite pages from the look book below:

To learn more and see more Barlow, click here.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baggy Boots

via Vogue Spain August 2010

Putting together my wish list for fall. I will undoubtedly be wishing for a pair of boots like these.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Diary From Miami Fashion Week Swim: Day Four

For my last day in Miami, I decided that I really needed to go out with a bang!
Check out my photo diary of the day below, and go to Future Claw Magazine for more coverage, including articles, videos (my video interviews as well as complete videos of every runway show), and pictures for all of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011.

To begin, we got started the earliest we had all week at-11am-with a "Swim and Style" pool party sponsored by Zinc and American Express at the Raleigh Hotel. There, we were served what could only be described as a "more-delicious-than-necessarily-healthy" gelato breakfast while relaxing by the pool and taking in the sun alongside the gorgeous Supermodel Hilary Rhoda. And what is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week without some cars?! MB definitely brought their A-Team, car wise, as they displayed some crazy sick wheels all about the hotel grounds.

Me & Supermodel Hilary Rhoda

To keep the party going we popped over to the uber-exclusive pool party at The Standard Hotel. We sipped on Moet and feasted on some banging Brazilian b-b-q while in the company of the same noteworthy stars and designers we had been running into all week (including Lance Bass, also seen here and here, Jules Kim, whom we interviewed here,Tori Praver, seen here, and Lorenzo Martone). The party was hosted by Quicksilver and celebrated their newest collection as well as featured a Quicksilver vending machine, where you could purchase all of your beach needs with everything from a suit to sunscreen!

Quicksilver Vending Machine at The Standard Hotel
Lorenzo Martone & Me
Four of five of the Future Claw Team at Quicksilver x Standart Party
My Assistant Alexandra Reisner, Videographer Chris Russel, Photographer Omar Mozumder, and Me

The first show of the day may very well qualify as my favorite show of the entire week. Set at the Bass Museum of Art,Red Carter presented a beauuuuuutiful, art inspired collection. Before the show, he showcased his highest-end suits throughout the museum, among the pieces of artwork. Each design truly was a piece of art. As were the male models that were serving us. The show, to me, was beyond words. As an art nerd, I loved Carter's artistic touch to the collection. And as a self-proclaimed eclectic "fashion mutt," I loooooved the diversity of the line. The line literary covered every base in today's fashion. From edgy to punk to glam to classic couture to futuristic to neons to splatter paint to camouflage prints, right down to Gaga-esque sunglasses (running out of breathe here), it is no wonder that they say "when in doubt, wear Red!" Mr. Carter considers design a real art, and there is no doubt that this man is a real artist.

Me & Chri$ Phashion of Inside Couture, Viion T.V. Network
Me & Irene Marie of the famous Irene Marie Modeling Agency (Remember MTV's "8th and Ocean?!)
Interview with Designer Red Carter

Some of my favorite looks from the Red Carter Swimwear Runway Show:


After coming down from the high that I acquired at the Bass Museum, it was back over to the Raleigh to catch the final three shows of Fashion Week! Benny Rosset kicked it off with Cia Maritima's 20th anniversary collection. The show was a glorious celebration for the designer, who showed a completely cohesive and an overall, extreeeemely gorgeous collection. With a mix of earthy and jewel tones, the line was sophisticated, relaxed, and what one can truly define as "beach chic." With influences stemming from Morocco and, more specifically, Marrakech, as well as Bohemian vintage, there were certainly quite a few to-die-for pieces. Of course I was eyeing a pair of drop-crotch pants...It is no wonder that this is Brazil's favorite brand.

Interview with Designer Benny Rosset

Some of my favorite looks from the Cia Maritima Swimwear Runway Show:

Lordes "Luli" and her brother-in-law Augusto Haniman may not have been celebrating their 20th anniversary collection, but boy, did they know how to celebrate! Luli Fama's (fama meaning "fame" in Spanish, while Luli is the nickname of one of the designers) dynamite designer duo, presented a collection which they entitled "Dance Luli, Dance." And dance we did. To begin the show, we were treated to a high-energy concert, with a performer covering Mike Posner's song-of-the-moment "Cooler Than Me." The music did not stop there. With an eclectic mix of fun dance songs, the DJ kept spinning great summer jams as the models danced down the runway in the most vibrant colors and prints of the week. The energy of the entire show was unbelievable! The Hanimans named this their sexiest, most luxurious collection to date, and I have to agree that the line embodied both...To.The. Max. Showing in their hometown of Miami may have helped as the two designers definitely channeled the vivacious nightlife of South Beach as well as the rhythms of the Caribbean to a T. With witty, artfully placed embellishments, immaculate design techniques, and seductive, yet sophisticated styles, it is no wonder that Luli Fama is considered a style leader in the swimsuit industry.

Me & Designers Luli & Augusto Haniman, Backstage after Luli Fama Runway Show

Some of my favorite looks from the Luli Fama Swimwear Runway Show:

To close out fashion week, we took our seats that the Caffe Swimwear Runway Show. This Colombian luxury line boasts seamless stitching for the most flattering fit of any suits in the world. The quality was evident and the designer, Paula Saavedra knows what women want and need when it comes to looking good and feeling good in bathing suits. She described the suits as a "second skin" and even noted that many of the suits were reversible. Totally wearable, totally comfortable, and totally glamorous. If any of the collections were to be tagged as a "lifestyle brand," this collection would be it.

Interview with Designer Paula Saavedra

Some of my favorite looks from the Caffe Swimwear Runway Show:

What I wore: Bathing Suit by Lucky Brand, Flip Flops by Havaiana
Dress by Kosmika, Heels by YSL, Flats by Matt Berson, Scarf (worn as headband) by Missoni, All jewelry by Anuja Tolia

I was so, so sad for Fashion Week to come to an end, but I'm certainly going to be taking the momentum that I gained in Miami and transferring it into NY Fashion Week come September! Cannot wait. Stay tuned...

Official photos courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
To see the rest of the collections for each brand, click here.

For more coverage, pictures, interviews and videos from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011, check out Future Claw Magazine, here.
Big thanks to my Assistant for the week, Alexandra Reisner, who is responsible for much of the photography and video. Check out her blog here.