Wednesday, March 31, 2010

W/A Studios & Exclusive Limited Time Offer!

I have been on the hunt for some great underworld accessories. I mean allllllll of the major fashion magazines are featuring corals, shells and other "under the sea" adorned pieces for this coming summer! While at the Plein Sud Jeanius Showroom last month, I was informed that I must, must, must check out the jewelry at W/A Studios! Boy am I grateful for the heads up on this one! I promptly scheduled an appointment with their showroom and was introduced to their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection which hadn't even been released at the time! Their pieces were EXACTLY what I was looking for! Their four collections, named Blue Lagoon, Paradise Found, Sunrise Sunset, and Tranquility Bay are perfect for the upcoming months! Blue Lagoon, Paradise Found, and Tranquility Bay are evvvvverything that I was hoping and searching for. From the beautiful colors to the rare materials used, there are so many pieces in these collections that will help me to achieve that "beachy" look I want to go for this summer. And Sunrise Sunset is just totally my style: rock and roll edge paired with a very girly-girl feel!

#1. Blue Lagoon Collection, #2 & #3. Paradise Found Collection, #4, #5, #6 (Made of Champagne Gold), #7, & #8. Sunrise Sunset Collection

I have also included some of my favorites from the W/A Studios Website, which you can access here!

#1.Sunrise Sunset Collection (Like I said here, totally dig anything fringe!), #2.Tranquility Bay Collection, #3.Blue Lagoon Collection, #4.Paradise Found Collection (Looks a lotttt like my favorite ring by YSL that I frequently wear throughout the blog and can be seen in this post!)
All jewelry at W/A Studios is handmade in NYC

If you're like me and you just cannnnnnot keep your miiiiind off of all of the awesome pieces you've seen here, you're in luck! It just so happens I was able to get you all 30% OFF ANY piece of jewelry from W/A Studios from now until Sunday April 4 (Perfect little Easter gift for yourself--or to give!)!!!! Check it allllllllll out at the W/A Studios website. To take advantage of this exclusive and limited time offer, just e-mail your orders to INFO@WASTUDIOS.COM! Enjoy!!


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Resin Spring 2010

Check out more Resin here

Looove the Resin Spring 2010 look book! Perfectly dark. Perfectly messy. Perfectly artistic.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lesson in Mixology 101

Talk about "right place, right time." While at the Diana Warner Showroom last week, I was lucky enough to be introduced to another emerging designer! Alison Hessert, who just happens to also be the PR guru behind Communication Alley, brings us a brand spankin' new jewelry and accessories line. Named Mixology NYC, it is so new, and I mean sooooooo new, to the point where she was literary putting together new pieces as we toured the studio! And the entire collection (thus far) is so freaking bad-ass, I lovvvvve it! I was able to get you a very exclusive first look and a sneak peek at some of the necklaces (See pictures #1 & #2 below), as well as a feather choker/wrap around bracelet (originally she listed it as a choker, but we quickly styled it as a wrap bracelet! See pictures #3 & #4 below)! These are true rock star accessories, masculine and bold, combined with a very antique-like, feminine feel. Ms. Hessert has already been nominated for the Best Jewlery Designer of 2010 by the Juli B 2010 Style Awards. I defffffinitely foresee big things happening for her and this line! Just remember...YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST!!
Check out the Mixology NYC Facebook Fan Page for more of her creations, like some of my favorites that I included below:

Mixology NYC is handmade in NYC
For more on Mixology NYC click here
To purchase Mixology NYC, please contact me


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Posh Picnic

Alexa Chung at Chanel Autumn/Winter 2010 Show, Paris, March 2010

Chanel paired with biker shorts. This just further confirms why Alexa is one of my favorite style icons.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alexander Wang Spring 2010 Wish List

And NEED the baggy belted sweatshirt.

See more & shop Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 Collection here


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Queens of Noise

Saw The Runaways last night and I completely and totally and 100% recommend seeing it! It was just gushing with amazing bad-ass rocker styles! I'm obsessssssssssed with the wardrobes that were used throughout the film!

The Runaways was released in limited cities this past weekend and will open everywhere April 9th!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Worthy of Gossip

How many of us have thought that not even if our wildest of wildest dreams would we ever have the ability to accessorize like the girls on Gossip Girl do? I mean, not only do these girls have unlimited wardrobes, but their access to jewelry and accessories seems to be never ending as well! Wow, must be nice to have it alllllll. Well, now you can too! Okay, okay...maybe not it alllll, but how would you like to get your hands on at least some of that jewelry that you're totally admiring every Monday night from 9-10pm?

Thanks to my friend and fellow stylist Junell (whom you can see decked out in her awesome I'm-so-jealous-that-she-got-the-tattoo-leggings Gaultier for Target outfit on our Facebook Fan Page!), I was able to get invited to Diana Warner's studio and showroom! Diana Warner is popular among the GG crew and her Stephanie Cross Necklace (see #1 below) is just one of her pieces that is frequently seen and worn on the show! Her other clients include Taylor Swift, Rachel Ray, and Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson, who she has recently signed as the face of her company!

I was definitely loving her entire new collection. Each piece had a rustic and industrialized feel, yet paired with materials like pearls, she was able to keep the jewelry classy, delicate, and girly. Any piece would be the perfect add on to any outfit! I know that I neeeeeed to get the Warner Wrap Pearl necklace (see #3 & #4 below) into my jewelry box immediately. Simply gorgeous!

#1. Stephanie Cross Cluster
#2. Sareen Necklace
#3. & #4. Warner Wrap Pearls

I've also included some of my favorite pages from Diana Warner's Look Book below:

All of her work is handmade by special order here in NYC
Each piece can also be personalized through stamps and engravings
To learn more, see more, and to purchase Diana Warner's collection click here