Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Joerael Numina x Mobilize Walls

In the current political climate, the back and forth banter and negative connotations that come with so much of the news, whether it is “real” or “fake” (who really knows!?), can be downright exhausting. It is most refreshing to come across feel-good stories, outlets that promote good Samaritans doing the “right” thing, and stories where people are uniting and coming together to help one another - and for no underlying reasons except to just make the world a better place. Joerael Numina is one of those people.

A Texas born and based artist, Joerael is the founder of the Mobilize Walls, a series of murals that have, simply put, “out sm(art)ed and out scaled” President Trump’s proposed wall. The concept is quite the exact opposite of “The Wall” we have all come to know, as it is a tool for uniting rather than a means of separating.
Mr. Numina  grew up defying society, whether it be on a skateboard (which is political in itself) or through graffiti writing and his other artistic outlets. He is no stranger to pushing the boundaries. In a self-proclaimed "Texas Fashion," his art is blunt but kind, embodies a sense of humanity while still addressing serious matter. He questions the fibers of communities in which he displays his works, while inviting the community to get involved and do the same, to challenge and provide critical thinking and create awareness that goes beyond any "walls" that physically exist.

Numina cites drawing has his favorite form of expressing himself. While it is on the other end of the spectrum from mural painting, drawing is not done for the public, require precision and is between the artist and his paper. His murals and specifically this incredible project are on a much different scale both figuratively and literally. It's not something an art collector could collect, it is erected in    order to become the fabric of the place it is made and serves as a public experience that can't be hoarded by one person. It can start a conversation, whether it be from the artist to the world or to two neighbors that have never met that have decided to venture outside to explore this new fabric of their society. A wall that is far from "a wall," Joerael's Mobilize Walls are structures that prove to create a bridge to connect all those around it.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Baby Online Dress Two Piece Homecoming Dresses

Fashion style is always changing, these days, and with fast fashion, it feels like it’s changing quicker than ever. We used to have to wait a season after seeing styles on the runway, before you would see styles on the rack and in stores. Now, you can “see now, buy now,” and not even skip a beat! One event that you always want to be in style for us Homecoming! 

Homecoming comes but once a year, and it comes after a long break, summer break, vacation and holiday. It is when everyone comes back to campuses across the nation to celebrate the new year beginning in terms of school. It is absolutely a time to be reborn and to show off your new and improved style. To have improved style usually means to be IN style! To be on top of the latest and greatest and to wear it with confidence. Clothing is a great vehicle to express yourself and your own cool and unique style. Homecoming is a great opportunity to show off that style for sure. It is important to know the best place to shop for the best fashions to make sure you have your best styling foot forward when you arrive at Homecoming. 
There are so many online shopping boutiques out there that cater to fashion, dresses, gowns, and of course to Homecoming outfits. Babyonlinedress is one that is sure to not disappoint when it comes to shopping for all of the above - and in the latest and truly best styles! There is such a great selection at this site, no matter your personal style, you are sure to find the best of the best for your specific style. Amazing prices and user friendly navigation are just the cherry on top for this website. The thing that stands out most is the extensive collection of stylish things that this shopping website has to offer. Fancy a ballgown? This site has it? Prefer two piece homecoming dresses? This site has that too! There seems to be an endless selection of styles to choose from to make sure that you are styled to perfection.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sozhoudress Cheap Homecoming Dresses

August is the best month for back - to - school shopping! The racks are always full with the autumn season styles and the hottest new fashions for the return to school and the return to your respective home or city from a summer of holiday and vacations. The autumn season brings many events, one of the most famous is of course Homecoming. Everyone always wants to look their best at Homecoming. It is when you come back to town and need to show off your newly reborn self! It is a time when you show yourself off after having a summer of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you are returning to your respective “Homecoming” having just been away for a few months or a many years, it is definitely a time you want to look and feel your best. Dressing right for the big Homecoming events that are so prevalent in society is very important. There are many shops and websites that cater to Homecoming events. Sozhoudress is just one online shopping destination that caters to beautiful people that plan to attend their Homecoming dances, balls or other big events. They offer a very nice and wide variety of cocktail dresses and gowns that might be right for your parties. You are sure to find something that not only suits your style, but also your budget! You will be most pleased to find that the prices are very, very friendly and there are many cheap homecoming dresses that you can purchase at this online shop. We can confidently say that you will not leave this site without a dress of your dream that will be the price of your dream too! This is truly a one - stop - shopping experience. No need to fuss, the easily navigated site presents more options than you can imagine to ensure that you are the star of your homecoming!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Souzhoudresses Homecoming Dresses 2019

Homecoming season is almost here! The autumn season is a fashion lover’s dream! It is again time to layer up, cover up, and suit up! No more sweating in the streets, dripping in sweat on the subways or having frizzy hair from the humidity. It is time for beautiful weather and perfect days with breezes and pumpkin spice flavors! Yum! With the fall season comes Homecoming. Everyone who has moved away seems to always come back in the fall! If you’re in high school, all of the graduates are coming back to visit. For college and universities as well, autumn time is when graduates return to campus to visit friends, family, teachers, professors, and their old stomping grounds. Besides exciting sports events that draw many back to their high school or college campuses, there are often events such as dances or balls that occur surrounding the Homecoming holiday. 

This is where fashion truly comes into play. It is always a question of “Who/What are you wearing,” and this is no different at homecoming. The homecoming dresses 2019 will be no different, in terms of importance, from those of any other year before. This is a big deal and you will want to be dressed your best for sure! Souzhoudresses is a fantastic website to find all of your homecoming needs! An easily navigated site, it has glorious options for whatever your taste may be. Homecoming shopping has never been easier or more fun! Whether you are opting for a fun fancy cocktail dress or a big, voluptuous ballgown, this shopping site has you covered. All of your needs are sure to be met for Homecoming this year, have no fear! And this website is sure to ensure that you look your best and THE best at whatever Homecoming event or events you may be attending this upcoming season! 

Friday, July 26, 2019

27 Dresses

What's not to <3 a="" about="" href="" this="">Jewel Short Illusion-Sleeves Fascinating Open Back A-Line Homecoming Dress

July has not ended yet and already there is a lot of talk about back to school! Wow how the time does fly. We like to say that June is like a Friday, July is like a Saturday and August is like a Sunday.
Right now, we are at “Saturday Night,” Sunday is upon us and back to school season is on our minds. Back to school evokes a lot of emotions. Sadness for summer’s end, but also some excitement. It always meant time for a new wardrobe and for autumn dressing to come back into style. With the fall season also comes a slew of important events! For New York City, the first week of September (September being like that first Monday back at school!) is New York Fashion Week! There are so many events packed into that time. Everyone is back from their summer holidays, the Hamptons, Europe, etc. The September issues are fresh on the shelves at the magazine stores and everyone is happy to see each other again.
Beyond the New York City community, all of the “back - to - schoolers” are excited for Homecoming, which happens this upcoming season too. It is a time to rekindle the relationships with those who have moved on and celebrate with the ones still with you in the community.
Dressing for homecoming is very important, seemingly just as important as the event itself. It is the time to show your new and improved self and style. To show what you learned from the outside, to come back a grown person, and show how that is reflected in your style. There are many great websites to shop when it comes to getting yourself dressed for any Homecoming events. One is 27 Dresses. It is a great one - stop - shop for all things fashion and a perfect boutique for Homecoming threads! With a vast variety to choose from you can choose your most sexiest look for Homecoming or opt for  wholesome homecoming dresses! With so many to choose from there are at least 27 dresses but truly, so much more!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Cha-Cha ChiC

Get your Cha-Cha on this summer in  colorful, ornate, embellished, fun fashions brought to you by Cha-Cha ChiC. All parts "Chic," and equally, all parts "Cha-Cha!"

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Vertical Activewear

Don't lay around in a horizontal position all day. Get vertical! Get Vertical Activewear. Designed originally to suit alternative work outs (ie. pole dancing, barre and yoga), the brand offers practical, comfortable, functional and fashionable activewear. Whether it be for work or werk, each piece is wearable and can transition from the gym to the streets, from the health club to the social club, and embodies the confidence, strength and power of the women who wear them.  

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Zapaka Boutique

There is nothing better than a great vintage find. Shopping is hard enough as it is, and vintage shopping, or what many may call thrifting, can be even harder! Finding special pieces for your wardrobe is the ultimate goal. Pieces that are meaningful, functional, fashionable and just overall special are truly hard to come by. Thankfully, there are some great resources to shop for vintage clothing that helps to sort through the most desirable pieces. Zapaka Boutique is one of those resources.

A wonderful boutique website, Zapaka offers a very wide of gorgeous vintage pieces of the most desirable nature.
Their collection feels special and every single piece has a true sense of real vintage flair.
A dress for every occasion, this wonderful website has a vast variety to choose from whether you are going to work, a night on the town, a fancy party or just to relax around the neighborhood.
Not only are there incredibly great dresses, but they also offer so much more! You will find accessories on this site as well as tops. 
The organization of the site and its ability to be very user friendly is great help when you are navigating it. Easy to use and with photos of the product that truly show the nature of the product, as well as proper descriptions and sizing, help to ensure that you know what you are investing in. You are sure to be satisfied with your purchases. Their customer service is unparalleled by other sites. Their good intentions for their clients are very visible.
Beyond having great product that is easy to find on the site, the prices confirm just how wonderful this site is! Very, very fair pricing that allows everything to be accessible no matter your budget or income. There is no excuse to not be able to shop on this site. Everything is just so perfectly friendly, a shopping destination that is truly for anyone and everyone!

Lucky for you, Zapaka has offered every reader a discount:

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Measure And Made

 First you measure, then you make. Finally a fashion brand that accommodates virtually any and every size.  Measure And Made offers jeans, career pants, capris and shorts created for every body, powered by Fitlogic technology.  Just take the quick Fitlogic quiz to determine your body shape and you can rest assured that you get the pair of bottoms that best suit you, your lifestyle and your body. There's no other brand that measures up to this!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

MGS Beauty

MGS Accessories launched a liquid lipstick collection which caters to every moment and every mood. With colors which bear names like "Boss Lady," "Cutie," and "Frisky," (to name only a few),  you're sure to find a hue that suits you. Vegan and cruelty free, the collection captures the spirits of all women. Long lasting with moisturizing components, the lipsticks are both functional and stylish. Created by international make up artist and successful beauty blogger, Rashee Gupta, it's no wonder that this beauty brand only releases carefully-created, will researched and lust worthy products.

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Project Ithaca

Your summer film list just got hotter. Project Ithaca its the perfect storm of both sci-fi and thriller. An elevated version and a combination of each genre, this film will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

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Friday, July 5, 2019

The Bikes of Wrath

Having just celebrated the 4th of July, which is a holiday rooted in American history, it proves perfect timing in  regards to reviewing the documentary The Bikes of Wrath.  The film, which follows the path of the classic Steinbeck novel "The Grapes of Wrath,"celebrates the 80th anniversary of the book, while simultaneously explores the history of the Dust Bowl. An adventure which follows (ironically) a group of Australians on a quest to explore the same migration route that left a mark in    American history. Interesting and revealing of true humility and humanity, the film is both educational and feel-good. It is a testament to spirit and camaraderie of mankind. 

To learn more, see more and to find out where to view The Bikes of Wrath at a theater near you, click here.
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