Friday, July 26, 2019

27 Dresses

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July has not ended yet and already there is a lot of talk about back to school! Wow how the time does fly. We like to say that June is like a Friday, July is like a Saturday and August is like a Sunday.
Right now, we are at “Saturday Night,” Sunday is upon us and back to school season is on our minds. Back to school evokes a lot of emotions. Sadness for summer’s end, but also some excitement. It always meant time for a new wardrobe and for autumn dressing to come back into style. With the fall season also comes a slew of important events! For New York City, the first week of September (September being like that first Monday back at school!) is New York Fashion Week! There are so many events packed into that time. Everyone is back from their summer holidays, the Hamptons, Europe, etc. The September issues are fresh on the shelves at the magazine stores and everyone is happy to see each other again.
Beyond the New York City community, all of the “back - to - schoolers” are excited for Homecoming, which happens this upcoming season too. It is a time to rekindle the relationships with those who have moved on and celebrate with the ones still with you in the community.
Dressing for homecoming is very important, seemingly just as important as the event itself. It is the time to show your new and improved self and style. To show what you learned from the outside, to come back a grown person, and show how that is reflected in your style. There are many great websites to shop when it comes to getting yourself dressed for any Homecoming events. One is 27 Dresses. It is a great one - stop - shop for all things fashion and a perfect boutique for Homecoming threads! With a vast variety to choose from you can choose your most sexiest look for Homecoming or opt for  wholesome homecoming dresses! With so many to choose from there are at least 27 dresses but truly, so much more!!

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