Sunday, March 31, 2019

King Kong Broadway

A visual feast for the eyes and a dose of virtual reality for all of the senses, King Kong is like nothing you’ve seen before. Unique and of extreme entertainment, this musical proves to be a groundbreaking Broadway spectacular. Incredible sets and a massive puppet steal the show in this must-see play. King Kong truly comes to life and brings you to your feet for an easily won standing ovation. As an avid Broadway supporter, there is no better show than King Kong to shake up the theater district. A real show, great for all ages, you are guaranteed to leave thoroughly entertained.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Say Yes to Milly Bridal Afforable Wedding Dress VLog

View Wedding Day VLog | Say Yes to Milly Bridal Afforable Wedding Dress video here.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Baby Foot

As smooth as a baby's bottom, that's just how wonderful Baby Foot Foot Peels will make your feet feel. Since 1997, Baby Foot has been providing the ultimate in foot care. Their peels, which are known to be the "Original At-Home Foot-Care" brand,  are made up of natural extracts which work to seamlessly remove dead skin as well as leave your feet moisturized and renewed to the state of that of a newborn baby. Easy to use and with the ability to both exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, Baby Foot is the best way to "Treat Your Feet!"

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Set to premier in theaters next month (April 5), "Billboard" is a cinematic experience like no other. Commenting on the way we consume entertainment, news and life in general, Billboard shows the power of media. Whether it be radio, television, social media, a billboard, whatever, this film displays the effects of how words can be warped, how fake news can be born, and how the people can run with words taken out of context. A Must-See, the film takes place in the Allentown, Pennsylvania and follows an independent radio station that is trying to stay afloat. With a “Billboard Sitting Contest,” the station draws attention and advertisers to continue to exist. Soon after, the contest sours in the eyes of the public and becomes negative news, upsetting the community and it’s newfound followers. A satire, yet serious, this film exposes the ability for humans to come to conclusions without all of the needed information and the judgements that follow. An interesting look at the power of every medium for media and how they can effect society. 

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Sunday, March 24, 2019


Krieg is a beautiful tale of war and humanity. Written and directed by Jeff Fry, the short film has already made waves at the film festivals. When a German soldier happens upon a downed aircraft, and a wounded enemy there, he risks it all to protect the airman. His penchant for doing good rooted beyond this action, the soldier had set out to locate a radio to help prevent further killings. A story of sacrifice and the good that can be found in human nature, even in wartime, this film is one to consider this coming awards season. It will twist ones view of whom you might consider your enemy and remind one of the heroism that can be found in humankind. 

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Lucid Spring Media Preview 2019

 Spring's official start is is week. Luckily, Lucid Communications was able to 
give us a sneak peeks at the hottest lifestyle brands for the coming season in advance.  In another stellar Media Preview, we were introduced to the latest and greatest from ANARA Hemp Denim, All You Are RobesClarissa Borg CosmeticsBody Harmonics Pilates,  Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery,Extension Method Ballet Fitness,  Joyous Health,  Mini Mioche, Province Apothecary,  Pretty in The City Brow + Lash Bar, and Upstate Vodka by Sauvage.. 

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Sunday, March 17, 2019



You're going to flip over Flip-ItWith the news that approximately 25% of household products are wasted due to consumers not being able to get them out of the bottle, the Flip-It brand was born. With this product, you'll save time, money and energy. No more shaking, pounding, leaning or cutting product out of their bottles, simply prop them upside down on the Flip-It and watch the product glide right out.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Loulou & Yves

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most influential designers of all time and woman of "highest haute bohemia," Loulou de La Falaise, might be one of the biggest contributors to that. Loulou & Yves: The Untold Story of Loulou de La Falaise and the House of Saint Laurent takes a special peek into the lives and partnership that de La Falaise and Saint Laurent had. As Saint Laurent's creative muse, she inspired iconic collection after iconic collection for the house of Yves Saint Laurent. From a fun-loving adventuress to her dark childhood,  This entertaining book, is a must-read for anyone interested in fashion and fashion history.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Nic + Zoe Spring 2019 Preview

Spring is right around the corner and Nic+Zoe will be offering the perfect wares for the season.  Whether it be their fashion-meets-functional comfortable, on-trend shoes, or their versatile clothing line, Nic+Zoe proves that #StyleDoesntStop. Day-to-night, work-to-play, every piece in their collection covers your diverse living style. 

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Behind The Bullet

Beyond powerful, "Behind The Bullet" is a documentary that follows four different stories of four different people who were at some point “behind the bullet.” From different backgrounds and parts of the map, the moral of all of their stories is very much the same: that immense regret and sorrow can follow can follow just one shot from a gun  and how that one shot can be so very life changing. In this political climate, and with many people fighting for and against gun control law, this film proves its importance  While gun control is far from the films focus, "Behind The Bullet" explores the humanity and the human interest stories that are derived from one's life after such an encounter with just one bullet. Gun safety and education break through as main messages, as well as the understating of how life altering just one shot can be. Having premiered earlier this year at Sundance Film Festival, this moving film is already one to be considered during next year's award season.

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