Sunday, August 29, 2021

Bow Wow Labs


Bow WOW! Bow Wow Labs not only creates the tastiest treats that your dog will go crazy for, but they offer the safest treats - and not only health wise! This innovative company has created the answer to unsupervised Bully Sticks with the Bully Buddy. With a twist in technology, and having tested on dogs of all shapes and sizes, the Bully Buddy keeps every bully stick locked in  place no matter your pup's chew power. Saving lives daily, the Bully Buddy prevents dogs from choking and is vetrinarian approved!

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Big Thanks to Brittany over at Bow Wow Labs for making this feature possible!



Tuesday, August 24, 2021


 Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, which, you realize, we are coming on almost two years (crazy to think about about, time has both flown by and creeped by so slowly, it is a strange feeling and we can’t describe how normal this new normal feels, but this is life!), decorating and redecorating homes has reached a new high. With more time on many of our hands, it seemed to be the perfect time to get to work on our homes. Being that we were spending so much more time in them, it wasn’t strange for everything in our homes to start to feel like they were just eye sores and that it was time for an update! Maybe it was boredom, maybe it was a real need to update, but either way, it seemed to be happening more and more throughout the past year and a half.

There are many people who have a real eye for home decor. It was a lesson learned that home decorating is actually a science! And happens to include a lot of math. Space and having the eye and knowledge as to what fits best in a space, or at least learning the proper equations, is a true skill. Having a fashionable eye for what works in a space is also a talent!
Good thing there are great online shopping websites that can help you achieve your desired decor! One of those websites is Aoin. This is a fantastic website for all things home, and while it does branch out to other aspects of life - offering things beyond home and lifestyle in the range of products for pets, women and even sports - they offer great support in the home category.
Whether you are seeking indoor decorative planters or storage containers, it is all here! And there is no shortage of great options. From simple to highly fashionable, you are sure to find something for your taste at this online shopping destination!
So what better time than now to redecorate and reorganize? Spruce up and spice it up! Create that colorful entryway you have always dreamed of! Decorate those selves that are bare! There’s no better time than now and this is the place to get inspired, get guided, get help and get the best products to make it all happen! So start today! Check out Aoin and create your dreams.